11 Oct 2011

Werritty – more help to give?

Adam Werritty spent something like a couple of hours today talking to a senior official in the Cabinet Office. The meeting was at a neutral venue in London away from the Whitehall estate and prying eyes of political hacks. The key question was about Mr Werritty’s earnings.

Sources close to Dr Fox were suggesting last night that Mr Werritty would be making available his bank statements to show his income sources. I understand that hasn’t happened yet and that no hard paper evidence was handed over for inspection. Mr Werritty gave an oral account of how he earned his living.

The Evening Standard has done an updated calculation of what his flights woud’ve cost keeping track with Dr Fox, given that businessman Harvey Boulter has said Mr Werritty liked to travel at the front of the plane – they think his travel costs would’ve exceeded £100,000.

Gus O’Donnell will not want to produce an inquiry that is rubbished by later revelations about what was in Mr Werritty’s bank accounts and I suspect that Mr Werritty may now have been asked to provide evidence of where his earnings came from. So the word is that Mr Werritty is helping the inquiry but has more help to give.

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One reader comment

  1. Philip Edwards says:


    This Fox/Werritty business is distinctly odd.

    I smell spook – and I don’t mean the contents of Baldrick’s apple crumble.

    Presumably Fox is surrounded by “intelligence” services. So how could Werritty go “undetected” for so long?

    As for whether Fox was alone or not during a burglary, who cares? It’s indicative only of how the Brit media are more concerned with possibly “scandalous” implications about private lives.

    My guess is that Werritty isn’t just somebody out to make a fast buck, but of course I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just another bungled “intelligence” operation gone wrong through over confident spooks. Nothing would surprise me where that lot of neanderthals are concerned.

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