8 Sep 2011

Gaddafi movements ‘being tracked by satellite’

The National Transitional Council in Tripoli claims it has located ousted leader Colonel Gaddafi, who says his forces will rally to defeat the rebels who now control much of the country.

Gaddafi remains defiant and 'in Libya' (Reuters)

The NTC in Tripoli says it has successfully located the area where Gaddafi is staying and is currently tracking his movements using satellite imagery.

Speaking at the headquarters of the Tripoli Military Council, spokesman Anis Sharif claimed Gaddafi’s capture “was just a matter of time”.

“The good news is that this area is surrounded and controlled by the rebels and he cannot move outside that. He is desperately trying to secure an escape route outside the country but we are trying to block his way as well and hopefully we will hear something very good about him in the next couple of days. His capture is just a matter of time,” said Sharif.

Muammar Gaddafi has not been seen since rebels stormed his Tripoli headquarters two weeks ago.

Rebel forces are now in control of most of Libya, and the majority of the international community recognises that Gaddafi’s 42-year rule of Libya is over, replaced by the rebels’ interim ruling council after months of fighting.

Colonel Gaddafi, however, has other ideas. His whereabouts remain unknown but he has made a series of defiant phone calls since he disappeared, pledging to continue fighting.

In the latest call, to Syria’s Arrai TV, he said: “The youths are now ready to escalate the resistance against the ‘rats’ (rebels) in Tripoli and to finish off the mercenaries.

“We will defeat Nato… and Nato is rejected by the Libyan people.”

Where is Gaddafi?

There have been rumours that Gaddafi was concealed in a military convoy which, according to French and Niger military sources, arrived in Niger earlier this week.

But Gaddafi said this was nothing exceptional: “Columns of convoys drive into and out of Niger carrying goods and people inside and outside (of Libya) say Gaddafi is going to Niger.”

“This is not the first time that convoys drive in and out of Niger.”

Colonel Gaddafi’s spokesman has repeatedly said he is in Libya and remains in high spirits. Niger has said he was not in the convoy.