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article 06 March 2014 World, Libya
Gaddafi's son Saadi extradited to Libya

Niger extradites Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi to Tripoli, where the Libyan government say he is now in custody.

post 11 November 2013
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Old scores are being settled in Libya as militias fight to assert their power in towns and cities across the country.

post 05 July 2013
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"Waste your summer praying in vain, For a saviour to rise from these streets" - what Bruce Springsteen can teach us about Egypt and the Arab Spring.

post 25 June 2013
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The truth of the matter is that the Qatari succession is opaque, and no-one outside the royal family has a clear idea of what this transition means.

article 29 March 2013 UK, Libya
British women 'raped on Libya aid mission'

Three women travelling with an international aid convoy in Libya have been raped by pro-government forces, according to the country's deputy prime minister.

article 04 March 2013 UK, Libya
Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who has offered to drop his case against the British government for 3 pounds, an apology, and an admission of liability (picture: Reuters)
Libyan torture victim's £3 settlement offer to UK government

Libyan politican Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who is suing the British government over its alleged role in his kidnap and torture, says he will drop the case for £3, an apology and an admission of liability.

article 08 February 2013 UK, Libya
Why did MI6 and Tony Blair's government, with the CIA's help, kidnapped Mr Belhaj and his pregnant wife Fatima Boucher from Malaysia in March 2004 and deliver them to Colonel Gaddafi's torturers?
New evidence of UK complicity in Libya torture

Exclusive: what was the role of MI6 and Tony Blair's government in the kidnap of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj from Malaysia in March 2004, which delivered him into the hands of Colonel Gaddafi's torturers?

article 25 January 2013 UK, Libya
Benghazi Airport after some western countries advised their citizens to leave (Reuters)
Benghazi schools a possible target, European officials say

Schools are among the possible targets of imminent threats to westerners in the Libyan city of Benghazi, according to reports.

post 15 January 2013
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Francois Hollande has said the French will stay in Mali "as long as it takes", but hasn¿t made clear what "it" is, and they may be in Mali longer than they would like.