article 28 August 2015 World, Italy
Hundreds feared dead in migrant boat tragedy

The unrelenting tragedy of people trying to reach a better life is laid bare once again, as hundreds of people are feared to have died when two boats capsized off the coast of Libya.

article 05 August 2015 World, Libya
Migrant boat
'Significant casualties' feared as migrant boat capsizes

A boat carrying hundreds of people capsizes off the Libyan coast and there are reports of a "significant number of casualties".

post 28 July 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Saif al Islam sentenced to death - but Libyan judicial system is far from fair

The death sentences passed down on eight Gaddafi era officials, including the dictator's son Saif al Islam, are unlikely to cause much outrage in Libya. In fact, they may be a cause for celebration.

article 28 July 2015 World, Libya
Gaddafi's son sentenced to death by Libyan court

A Libyan court has sentenced the son of former Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to death.

article 25 June 2015 World, Greece
Syrian refugees arrive in Greece (Reuters)
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

post 15 June 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog 'Marlboro Man' Belmokhtar killed - but the jihadi threat is growing

The killing near Benghazi of Mokhtar Belmokhtar, al-Qaeda's top man in north Africa, is unlikely to quell the rising jihadi movement in Libya and the surrounding region.

article 07 June 2015 World, Ireland
British warship helps rescue 500 more migrants near Italy

HMS Bulwark carries out another rescue mission in the Mediterranean, rescuing at least 500 migrants found in the sea off Libya.

post 05 June 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Risks and lies on the road to Europe

The African migrants I met in the Misrata detention centre have a lot in common with journalists and politicians - just look at their attitude to risk and their relationship with the truth.

post 04 June 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Do you blame the migrant men in Misrata?

In the hierachy of sympathy, young African men come right at the bottom. Migrant children or women might be victims, but men? They can look after themselves.

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