Jordan Jarrett-Bryan , Sports reporter

Jordan Jarrett Bryan is a sports reporter for Channel 4 News.

The thing I love about sport is what it does to people. Not only the athletes themselves, but the supporters and followers of it. Sport can make athletes grow as people, but can also destroy them and turn them into someone they never wanted to be. But it also can make fans say and do things they never thought they'd think or do.

Sport reflects life and is a microcosm of it. Sport can make you laugh or cry, sport can make you laugh till your belly hurts, it can make you rage with anger. Sport can make you see things you never thought you would see. But importantly sport makes you think. Why do we support the team we support, follow the athlete we follow and devote our lives to the sport we do? Surely it’s more than just a geographical, national, gender or technical reason. We invest time in that sport/athlete because we identify with them or that team/person we aspire to be.

Reporting on a fabulous goal, a world class forehand or a great burst of sprinting is what turns me on. But what I live for, just as much as those moments is the sporting moments that make the everyday man go gaga.

  • 21 Oct 2018

    The budget airline Ryanair is facing widespread outrage on social media after it apparently failed to remove a passenger who launched a racist tirade against a lady in the seat next to him and instead moved her. Another passenger filmed the incident which has now been watched over two million times online. Ryanair later said…

  • 21 Sep 2018

    The epidemic of violence in our jails is not just confined to adult prisons.

  • 20 Sep 2018

    He was one of the world’s leading black ballet stars, the first to win international fame. Tributes have poured in for the pioneering US dancer Arthur Mitchell – who’s died at the age of 84. He won over audiences in segregation-era America who were shocked by his pairing with a white prima ballerina – later…

  • 16 Aug 2018

    The cricketer Ben Stokes has been included in England’s squad for the third test against India – after he was found NOT guilty of affray on Tuesday, over a fracas he was involved in last September. Head coach Trevor Bayliss said he took the decision for Stokes’ “well being” – although he has yet to…

  • 27 Jul 2018

    It’s been hot enough here, so spare a thought for the Tour de France cyclists who have been sweating up and down mountains in soaring temperatures. It’s looking like Geraint Thomas, from Cardiff, is well placed to win the competition, but before he’s allowed to bring home the yellow jersey he’ll have to get through…

  • 10 Jul 2018

    The England coach Gareth Southgate has admitted the country has “been through some difficult moments recently in terms of unity”, but he assured fans that the entire World Cup squad was fit and well ahead of tomorrow’s crucial semi-final against Croatia.

  • 24 Jun 2018

    For England, expectations for their head-to-head with Panama are pretty high – they’re playing a country ranked 43 places below them. But for the people of Panama and their national team, simply qualifying for the world cup is an historic achievement. Directed by Dan Faber.

  • 8 Jun 2018

    England fans heading to Russia for the World Cup have been warned they face the risk of “racist or homophobic intimidation, hooligan violence and anti-British hostility’”. The Commons foreign affairs committee says it’s especially concerned about the welfare of ethnic minorty and LGBT fans. We have been finding out if fans are worried too.

  • 6 May 2018

    The former Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson remains in intensive care tonight after he underwent emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage. Best wishes have poured in from across the footballing world for the man known simply as ‘the boss.’ Fans have also posted get well messages, one tweeting that he was ‘like an extended…

  • 20 Apr 2018

    He was one of the greatest, he leaves an untouchable legacy – Sir Alex Ferguson and Thierry Henry leading the tributes to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who’s retiring from the club at the end of the season after 22 years. The club’s chief executive said Wenger had changed the game; he’d made art out of…

  • 3 Apr 2018

    Research show that if you’re a black adult male you’re 10 times more likely to be diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. But why? And is there enough support available to those with mental health issues before they reach the point of crisis. Because too often it’s only when the breakdown happens that contact is made…

  • 29 Mar 2018

    The awesome power of a small piece of sand paper to rub a whole country up the wrong way. Yes, it’s the latest twist in the cricket cheating scandal where personal shame meets national outrage. Now head coach Darren Lehmann is to step down after the final Test match against South Africa. His decision came…

  • 11 Mar 2018

    If you thought elite athletics was a young person’s game, then meet the athletes who’ve made the grade at this weekend’s British Masters indoor games in London. Some are in their eighties and nineties – shattering myths and smashing the age barrier.

  • 15 Feb 2018

    The 20-strong winter Paralympics GB team gathered in Manchester today as they count down to their chance to shine at PyeongChang 2018. For the first time the team will compete in five sports. Jordan Jarret-Bryan went along to meet some of the medal hopefuls.

  • 19 Jan 2018

    The last accounts from US gymnasts who were abused by their team doctor have been given to a court in Michigan. Dr Larry Nassar is due to be sentenced shortly, accused of abusing more than 140 women, many of them very well known figures in the world of gymnastics. He has already been sentenced to…