Jordan Jarrett-Bryan , Sports reporter

Jordan Jarrett Bryan is a sports reporter for Channel 4 News.

The thing I love about sport is what it does to people. Not only the athletes themselves, but the supporters and followers of it. Sport can make athletes grow as people, but can also destroy them and turn them into someone they never wanted to be. But it also can make fans say and do things they never thought they'd think or do.

Sport reflects life and is a microcosm of it. Sport can make you laugh or cry, sport can make you laugh till your belly hurts, it can make you rage with anger. Sport can make you see things you never thought you would see. But importantly sport makes you think. Why do we support the team we support, follow the athlete we follow and devote our lives to the sport we do? Surely it’s more than just a geographical, national, gender or technical reason. We invest time in that sport/athlete because we identify with them or that team/person we aspire to be.

Reporting on a fabulous goal, a world class forehand or a great burst of sprinting is what turns me on. But what I live for, just as much as those moments is the sporting moments that make the everyday man go gaga.

  • 19 Jan 2018

    The last accounts from US gymnasts who were abused by their team doctor have been given to a court in Michigan. Dr Larry Nassar is due to be sentenced shortly, accused of abusing more than 140 women, many of them very well known figures in the world of gymnastics. He has already been sentenced to…

  • 18 Jan 2018

    If you think of pre-match boxing hype, you think of bragging and bad mouthing opponents. And if you think of champs of old, they will have had mean-sounding nicknames – like Hit Man Hearns and Iron Mike Tyson. But while Watford world champ Anthony Joshua might be built like them and punch like them he…

  • 13 Jan 2018

    Four amateur British rowers have smashed an endurance race record by rowing across the Atlantic in just over 29 days – five days quicker than the previous record. The London-based team was among 25 teams racing the three thousand miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean. The four friends were expecting to…

  • 9 Jan 2018

    As Kim Jong-un prepares to send a team to the South Korea Winter Olympics, Team GB are also looking to next month’s Games. Back in the summer of 2016, Britain’s Paralympians were triumphant in Rio. The team smashed their own targets, winning 147 medals. Today they set out their stall for the Winter Olympics, with…

  • 5 Nov 2017

    Britain might have built a worldwide reputation for its athletics success – but the coaches behind the athletes are far less well known. A film and photography exhibition is honouring some of the black and Asian coaches who’ve helped to train the country’s most successful sports stars. But as our sports reporter Jordan Jarrett-Bryan reports,…

  • 25 Aug 2017

    Attitudes towards disability haven’t improved since the 2012 Paralympics, according to new research, which says more than one in four disabled people say the Games failed to leave a positive legacy. The charity Scope said its findings were “incredibly disappointing”, five years after the Paralympics pulled off such a huge success.

  • 24 Aug 2017

    Conor McGregor will face Floyd Mayweather this weekend in a showdown which has been surrounded by massive hype. “We are more than ready” – he declared – although he’s up against one of the greatest boxers of all time – Mayweather boasts an unprecedented unbeaten record.

  • 20 Aug 2017

    Lewes Football Club have taken the historic step of becoming the first club to pay its women’s team the same as its men’s team. With the spotlight on the England women’s team, who made it to the semi finals of the European Championships, Lewes are hoping that other clubs will follow their lead.

  • 6 Aug 2017

    A victory in the World Athletics Championships is usually something to cheer. Not so last night when the American athlete Justin Gatlin won the 100 metres, defeating Usain Bolt in his final race. The American athlete, who’s served two bans for doping, was jeered by crowds at the London stadium.

  • 1 Aug 2017

    Bolt by name. Bolt by nature. The fastest man on the planet is back in the UK ahead of this weekend’s Athletics World Championships in London. Usain Bolt said it will be his swansong, after winning 8 Olympic golds and becoming the most famous face – and sporting icon in the world.

  • 8 Jul 2017

    One year after the Paralympic success in Rio and three years until Tokyo, the World Para Athletics championships starts on Friday in London. It’s the first major para sport event in the U.K. since Britain hosted the Paralympics in 2012.

  • 23 Jun 2017

    He’s been the voice of Test match cricket for generations – colleagues describe him as “the sound track to summer”. But after 45 years in the commentary box, musing on everything from pigeons to the sandwiches, Blowers is retiring.  Henry Blofeld’s final Test match special, when England host the West Indies, will be broadcast in…

  • 10 Mar 2017

    He lost his leg on the battlefields of Afghanistan. But then former point-to-point rider Captain Guy Disney had to face another fight – to be allowed back in the saddle. He finally got his licence back three years ago and became the first amputee jockey to win a professional race.

  • 5 Mar 2017

    Now, with a year to go until the Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea, British athletes are currently competing around the world to land a place in Team GB.

  • 9 Dec 2016

    Remember the summer of 2012? That heady month of the London Olympics when the sport seemed so clean and pure? Well, an official investigation into Russian doping practices revealed that the country’s Olympic team “corrupted the London Games on an unprecedented scale”.