17 Feb 2014

Gaza’s paralysis: the story of Arab Dola

One day in April last year, Gaza’s former kung-fu champion, a powerfully-built 26-year-old called Arab Dola, was standing on the construction site where he worked when a large metal container toppled off the roof of the building above him.

He did not see it coming.

In a instant, Arab Dola’s future crumbled to dust, vertebrae C4, C5, C6 and C7, crushed and splintered. His spinal cord, severed. His life, irreparably altered.

Today, he lies paralysed and rasping for breath in the tiny front room of a tumble-down slum dwelling in Gaza’s crowded and fetid Beach Refugee Camp, a quadraplegic, capable of making only the slightest of movements with his now wasted left arm. He needs total care, round-the-clock.

Next to him, baby Asil, his two-month old daughter, coos in her cot. Arab learned that his young wife, Dalia, was pregnant as he lay in a neck brace with tubes down his throat. Until then, he’d been conscious throughout — and hadn’t slept for 10 days from the pain. But when he heard the glad tidings, he went into cardiac arrest.

“If I’d ever thought this might happen, I would never have married,” he tells me, his eyes brimming with tears. “I am lost. And my future is lost.” He nods to a photograph of himself, caught mid-lunge in his Bruce Lee days, and exhales a long, painful sigh.


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Rats and asbestos

Gaza is full of family tragedies and after seven years of Israeli siege and a comatose economy, nearly everyone is struggling. But paralysis is what best describes the Dola family’s condition, having lost their sole bread-winner.

Arab’s father, Mohammed, has not worked for years, since Israel barred labourers crossing over from Gaza. He and his wife, Yousra, have three other children; and then there’s Dalia and the baby. There was no food in their fridge, which doesn’t work anyway, as there’s no electricity.

“He was my right hand,” says Mohammed, out of the blue, as we sit discussing the grim situation in Gaza. The family has been unable to find or afford a proper wheelchair for Arab, let alone the medical care he requires for his complex condition.

Yousra gives me a tour of their dark and crumbling home. The place is spotless but the bedroom and kitchen and bathroom are infested with rats and the plastic sheet roof, weighed down by rocks, is badly cracked. And under the plastic, she says, pointing to the ceiling, asbestos boards, broken and exposed.

In the cabin kitchen, Yousra runs the tap and fills a glass full of water. “Taste it,” she says.

I take a sip. It’s as salty as sea-water — which is pretty much what it is, as the Mediterranean has infiltrated into Gaza’s groundwater making what’s left of the near-empty coastal aquifer undrinkable. Yet for families like the Dolas, who can rarely afford to buy what Yousra calls “sweet water,” that’s what they’ve got.


Gaza is running on empty. Condemned by the United Nations as “rapidly becoming uninhabitable,” this suffocating, over-crowded prison of a place, blockaded by land, sea and air, is a human pressure-cooker. Its 1.7 million inhabitants, many impoverished and undernourished, live in a sustained state of crisis and daily distress.

Following the demise of the Muslim Brotherhood government in neighbouring Egypt, the Egyptian military turned on the Brotherhood’s brethren in Gaza – Hamas, the Islamist group which has ruled here since 2007.

10_Hamas_Islamic_Jihad_ demo1_w(Above: Hamas and Islamic Jihad stage a demo in Gaza City against John Kerry´s peace plan.)

They accused Hamas, which is proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the United States and Europe, of supplying Salafist militants in Egypt with weapons. They said they were being smuggled through the 1,200 tunnels under the walled frontier between Gaza and the Arab Republic. The Egyptians blew them all up.

The trouble is, the tunnels also served as a lifeline for trade and commerce and since their destruction, unemployment in Gaza has jumped from 23 per cent last year to 43 per cent now. Job prospects are zero.

For those who have jobs, wages are down. Prices, meanwhile, have shot up, as all produce now comes into Gaza from Israel. Even before the tunnels were destroyed, people were spending half the household income on food alone. Yousra Dola, when she showed me round her house, told me: “Today is the 11th day since we’ve cooked any food.” That night all the family had to eat was a bag of tomatoes.

10_Gaza_market_w(Above: the market in Gaza City)

The UN now says more than one third of Gazans live below the UN poverty line, with four out of five in need of humanitarian aid. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) — which exists to assist Palestinian refugees — is now feeding a record 50 per cent of the Gaza population. “Everything is unsustainable,” says UNRWA spokesman, Chris Gunness. “It’s desperate.”

UNRWA rations have had to be cut in recent months, as the agency has failed to attract the international funding it needs. Mr Gunness suspects it’s because there are too many other crises elsewhere in this region. The humanitarian catastrophe in Syria has diverted attention from Gaza, which languishes in misery, virtually forgotten.

In his dank, dark front room in Beach Camp, Arab Dola, Gaza’s paralysed former kung-fu king lies there, a metaphor for his crippled ‘nation.’ After his accident, the family of his shy, soft-spoken 22-year-old wife Dalia came and took her back to the family home, telling her it was no life for her to be married to him any more.

But one night, shortly afterwards, at 3am, Dalia escaped from her parent’s house and came back to Arab.

“I said to her: ‘It’s OK, I will divorce you,'” Arab tells me, fully comprehending her predicament. “She refused and told me there was no way she would leave me, especially now. Dalia loves me.”

Baby Asil starts to cry and Dalia comes into the room. We change the subject. As we prepare to leave, a strange question comes into my mind and I put it to Arab: “When you sleep,” I ask, “are you, in your dreams, as you are now or are you still Bruce Lee?”

Arab smiles – and he’s got a infectious grin. “In my dreams I am working and walking and running and playing. And I believe that because of these dreams, I will one day be able to work and walk and run and play again.”

We were utterly speechless.

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37 reader comments

  1. J Woolf says:

    Can anything be done to help him?

  2. M Isaacs says:

    How many billions of dollars do Hamas and the Arafat family have??

  3. Paua says:

    ANERA and AVAAZ I believe both give aid to Gaza. We can contribute to them.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi John,

    sorry to say but I saw your documentary yesterday – what a loads of non sense !
    I feel sorry for actually all the people who naively believe what you suggest – that Israel is the primary evil in the gaza strips/Palestine.

    Makes me wonder who (behind the scenes) is more corrupted – but I guess nowadays – the truth is corrupted .

    How can one evaluate the social /economical situation of a country and its people via the words of a terrorist known group . Did you not find better to ask ?
    Salty water – really ?! and although I sympathize with Kung Fu legend , what it all has to do with the political situation – was that Israel fault too ?!

    There are so many layers to this long political conflict and Israel is only one small part of them but I guess again that its more convenient to blame the obvious.

    1. Ross says:

      Perish the thought that anything could be Israelis fault, but bombing the infrastructure, and stopping decent food getting into Gaza, or fuel, emptying sewage into the aquifer, not allowing building materials to repair the damage your bombs did, shooting farmers if they go too near the boarder, taking pot shots at kids for the fun of it, enforcing a 2 mile fishing limit, not allowing the sick to return if they go abroad for treatment, or students for education, oh did I mention the un schools you blew up and the children burnt alive with the white phosphorus you used, paying the greedy Egyptians in power to shut the Rafa crossing, and bomb the tunnels supplying food and spices. But it’s not your fault nothing ever is!!

  5. Marc isaacs says:

    Agreed with your points.
    There’s no doubt water and commerce are the primary issues here,along with security.
    The problem that’s submerged here is the religious war being thrust upon Judaism, the same religious war happening in the Sinai by Bako Harum ,Coptic Christians in Egypt and Syria, and Al Queda.
    Iran, Turkey,Lebanon,Muslim Brotherhood all demand the destruction of Israel – indeed it is the only binding thread between Shi ite and Sunni

  6. Barbara Funnell says:

    Dear Mr Miller

    Did you know that before the Gaza Strip (part of Israel’s legal land but given away in all hope that peace would come) was handed over to the “Palestinians” and all the Israeli residents had been torn away from their homes and business and synagogues (by the way, those people are still trying to get their lives back together again) – anyway, did you know that they left decent houses, cultivated lands and thriving business which the “Palestinians” could have taken over and so, have for themselves places to live, livelihoods to make them financially sound – just waiting there for the taking. But what did they do instead?: they let the houses and businesses go to rack and ruin; the synagogues were burned down and Gaza is now a mess. The Arabs have put the area to use though – they use it to fire thousands of rockets into Israel – mostly into Sderot, where hundreds of children live in constant fear of being hit. Many of them are completely traumatised – there are bomb shelters everywhere, even next to bus stops. Did you also know that Israeli and Arab surgeons work together in Israeli hospitals, saving hundreds of children’s lives (both Israeli and Arab) – children who have heart defects and other serious problems, and that many Arab parents are encouraged to come over the border to see these surgeons who offer treatment free of charge? Did you also know…..well, I could go on for pages! There are two sides to every event, incident; the ordinary folk in Gaza, in fact all the displaced Arab people, deserve somewhere decent to live, a job, some happiness. However, the terrorists are only interested in destruction. Mr Miller, if you were constantly hearing that there were people who wanted to wipe your country off the face of the earth, wouldn’t you be just a little upset? The Israelis hear this terrible threat, yet the majority would love to live in peace and wherever there is a major disaster, their medical and defence forces are always the first to respond with help. No-one is perfect – there is good and bad on all sides. Please try to leave bias out of your reports. Thank you. Barbara Funnell.

  7. Christian says:

    Your Gaza reports were so journalistically ridiculous I don’t think I’ll bother with an indepth criticism. Suffice to say Israel does treat wounded, sick Gazans, including children, it does supply Gaza with all its food needs at affordable prices and it does supply Gaza with power requirements.
    Jonathan Miller failed to mention the disgusting corruption of Hamas taking funds for itself, he failed to mention the industry, particularly the fruit industry that Israel left behind and which Hamas cynically destroyed, he failed to mention the cement that Israel sent Gaza for construction and which Hamas used to line tunnels. He also failed to mention the rockets that are daily fired into Israel.
    I suggest you send Jonathan Miller on a course for honest reporting, something he is clearly incapable of at present.
    (EXcept of course his reporting fits Channel 4’s political agenda.

  8. Tiffany says:

    After watching the latest Jonathan Miller report from Gaza I wonder at the agenda of Channel 4, what kind of audience they want to attract. Who would want to be deceived by half truths and distortions, comments that go without checking, no opposing opinion or explanation given. I would suspect the audience they are aiming at is either basically ignorant and wants to remain that way, unintelligent or maybe the old European bigots of yesteryear.

  9. Michael Greenwald says:

    It is rare to see such a totally manipulative, distorted story that is not on an Arab website. The author certainly makes it clear whose side he is on!

    Obviously the terrible injury is a great misfortune but it is made measurably worse by the Gaza government, which manages both money and resources in a kleptocratic way. Clearly, a peace settlement with Israel would alleviate a great deal of suffering but the government sees its unending war against Israel as more important than the immediate needs of its people.

    Another completely unmentioned reason for so much misery is the phenomenal reproductive rate of the people, one of the highest in the world and this is in a city that is in a dessert, with few natural resources, especially water. Salt water incursion into the aquifer is straight mismanagement. Also, the population has increased more than 130% since israel left. Clearly, even a well-run city lacking both natural resources and a soaring population is in for some real misery.

  10. R PHILLIPS says:

    Brilliant reporting. A rare insight into the atrocities suffered by Palestinians every day, in the prison they have to call home.

  11. conscious peaceSeeker says:

    Hi John

    I want to commend you on putting so much on the line to tell a true story of suffering in Gaza. In a time where shedding light on Israel’s human rights violations makes you an antisemitic terrorist supporter, only the brave dare speak the truth.

    Malcolm X once said, if you aren’t careful the media will have you believing that the oppressed are the one’s oppressing. Surely we are trained to believe that Israel, one of the world’s most powerful armies is being oppressed by an indigenous population whom it determines a calorie count for, keeping them on a brink of starvation.

    Between it’s apartheid walls, using water as a weapon of war, imprisoning children and trying them in military courts, even the greatest story teller couldn’t paint Israel as a moral “democracy”, but mainstream media puts it’s best foot forward daily in its attempt to convince us that “Israel is under attack” . Wake up people as injustice anywhere is indeed a threat to justice everywhere!

    1. IkeG says:

      “Wake up, people”, indeed!!
      You have been subjected to an excellent (Palestinian) propaganda machine but if you bothered to delve a little deeper you might begin to change your mind. Your reference to Malcolm X needs to be completely turned around.
      BTW – it’s not ‘IT’S apartheid walls’ or indeed, ‘IT’S best foot’ but ITS in both instances!

    2. Michael Greenwald says:

      Gaza is the only place I know that can wage war and at the same time demand goods and services from the enemy.

      The Gazans bring forth pathetic stories like this one to show what monsters the Israelis are but go light on the terror tunnels and thousands of rockets they have fired into Israel. They want war but also expect and demand water, food, building materials and public health and indignant when what they get does not meet their standards. Quite amazing! Seems clear they would be better off making peace.

      And you buy into this and share their anguish but you also apparently share their common sense.

  12. IkeG says:

    Mr Miller

    I refer to your biased report which included a focus on the Palestinian child with a brain tumour. Once again, this only serves to demonise Israel but because UK news media never seeks to provide the balance that they are apparently ‘committed to’, let’s try to put the record straight:

    1. Jaffa is not called Jaffa by Israel. The Hebrew is יפו which is phonetically transliterated as Yafo in the original Arabic. Today it has a mixed population of Arabs and Jews. If you tried to put Jaffa into your GPS I doubt it would be recognised!

    2. Palestinian Arabs were not ethnically “cleansed” 66 years ago. The Palestinians left their homes in 1947–49 for a variety of reasons. Thousands of wealthy Arabs left in anticipation of a war, thousands more responded to Arab leaders’ calls to get out of the way of the advancing armies, a handful were expelled, but most simply fled to avoid being caught in the cross fire of a battle.

    On the other hand, you could have provided balance by referring to the reverse situation. Up to 100,000 Jews were expelled or ‘encouraged’ to depart from their homes across the Mediterranean – from Morocco to Egypt – and from other parts of the Middle East – including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon etc. – leaving behind properties, possessions and large amounts of land behind without any ‘right of return’.

    3. You hold up 3½ year-old Abdel Karim al-Dalo as an example of how Gazans are prevented from receiving life-saving medical treatment by Israel’s blockade. However, what you do NOT state is that Abdel is still alive as a result of two previous operations carried out in an Israeli hospital.

    Although Palestinians could receive medical treatment in one of Gaza’s 27 hospitals, many turn to Israeli hospitals for more advanced care. Children, in particular, receive prompt and highest-priority treatment when they are sick or injured. Up to 100 Gazans are currently crossing into Israel daily to receive hospital treatment!

    In the current political maelstrom that is Gaza, you don’t expect Gazans, for fear of their own lives, to recognise all this or to express their gratitude but we do expect for a senior reporter on one of our major news outlets to be providing honest, true and balanced reporting at all times.

  13. Ab Hamm says:

    Excellent reporting. The world needs to know the plight of the Palestinian people. It is the tale of the abused turned abusers! Gaza is a big prison, with Egypt and Israel together making life untenable for the residents of Gaza . Do You know that most Gaza population are those who have been driven out of their homes in Palestine in 1948?

  14. Human Rights Advocate says:

    It’s very apparent that the biggest casualty of the war that Israel wages on Palestinians has become democracy and freedom of speech.

    Since when has a ruling party been able to establish a seperatist ideology and brand a militarily occupied land a “Jewish state” and still call itself a democracy? Only in Israel, where criticism of blatant apartheid, Human rights violations, and war crimes are sold to a unconscious public as acts of self defense against a population with no defense.

    I realize, that like anyone who has ever pointed out Israel’s crimes, I too will be labeled an anti- semitic Jew Hater. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Those out there supporting the unspeakable acts of israeli oppression are no friend to Israel. As Israel finds it’s self increasingly isolated through boycotts, world leaders are calling on Israel to reevaluate it’s policies as it’s status quo is not sustainable. The haughty israeli government refuses to take heed and insists that it will continue to conduct it’s business as usual without the support of any of its allies, because it can. Need I remind Iseael that the world’s greatest umpires have fallen when they implemented policies mirroring those policies Israel is implementing today?

  15. Barry Greenbanks says:

    I have no doubt Mr Miller is genuinely concerned for the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. Sadly for them he lays the blame for their tragic lot, lock stock and barrel, on Israel. He demonstrates a profound ignorance/ prejudice of the facts which make him an advocate and polemicist rather than a journalist

    The only way forward for the good of the Gazans would be to point the finger at the true culprits, first and foremost of which is Hamas which is programmed by its beliefs and charter to destroy Israel and Jews. Finances and energies for the good governance of its people do not figure in their list of priorities. They are spent on rocketing Israel. The Palestinians destroyed the horticultural industry which was left in working order by the Israelis on leaving Gaza in 2005 as a gesture of good will. With the apparent limitless support of UNRWA, another culprit, Gaza has been turned into the worlds greatest benefit dependency. Why work?
    When the false friends of the Palestinians such as Miller stop laying the blame for everything that happens to them at Israel’s door the Palestinians may be enabled to put pressure on their corrupt, self serving and doctrinaire leaders to improve their lot. With peace and security , they will have even more support from Israel than they already get.

    1. Lukas says:

      ‘Gaza has been turned into the worlds greatest benefit dependency’

      Actually that would be Israel.

      According to the Congressional Research Service , the amount of official US aid to Israel since its founding in 1948 tops $112 billion, and in the past few decades it has been on the order of $3 billion per year.(In 2011, for example, this amounted to over $8.2 million every single day.)

      But this money is only part of the story. For one thing, Israel gets its aid money at the start of each year, unlike other nations. This is significant: It means Israel can start earning interest on the money right away. And it costs the US more than the typical year-end disbursements because the US government operates at a deficit, so it must borrow this money to pay Israel and then pay interest on the amount all year.

      1. Michael Greenwald says:

        I think you do not understand “aid.” Aid is a marketing term. Aid is not hundred dollar bills strapped to a pallet. No aid recipient gets “money.” So, there is no “interest.” Where did you get such ideas! Aid recipients, including israel, get a credit to buy American equipment, in effect they get a discount or incentive.

  16. Bleedy Eyes says:

    Israel hires people to scour the internet for any anti isreal news and defend their governments actions.I believe that is happening on this comments section by some of replies I see. Look up the facts for yourself people and you’ll see the war crimes isreal is guilty of.

    1. Michael Greenwald says:

      When it comes to “professional” I suggest you google the many authors of “news” items about the boycott of Israel. Then you will find that most or all are actually Palestinian activists, Arabs and westerners with a long history of anti-semitism.

  17. carol bathgate says:

    It seems that nowadays C4 are the only news team reporting the truth. When anybody talks about israel it gets dark pretty quick. That however is their own doing not the reporters. The BBC seems to have taken the route of biased reporting and then being forced to publicly apologise, which is frequently by the way. This has lost them their world wide reputation, whereas C4’s has grown. It does seem rather odd though to congratulate and news team for reporting the news…don’t you think? The truth is israel continually breaks the law, especially the ones put in place to protect other people from experiencing the horrors of the 2nd world war. That is almost obscene. We the people from all over the world are demanding that the state be treated like any other state accused of such dreadful crimes. Mr Miller I am saddened but not surprised at the personal attacks you are receiving, please try to consider them a badge of honour.

  18. fadedglory says:

    Too many comments here are simply sounding off generalised personal views.
    Surely what matters is that people are suffering. Do you have to prove you subscribe to the ‘correct’ political standpoint before somebody steps in to help you?
    The people in Gaza need food, jobs, electricity, medical assistance. They are obviously not getting enough of these. If they were the Relief organisations would not be there.

  19. Karim says:

    It really is sad to see the Israeli apologists out in full force.

    How can you people be so blind to the suffering that is being inflicted on the Palestinians?

    One comment even said “Gaza is Israeli land given to Palestinians, they should be grateful”. Except that all of Israel has been created out of land stolen FROM Palestinians, at gunpoint. Israel is built of genocide, ethnic cleansing and racism. The proof is all there in black and white in the Israeli govt. archives (read Illan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine for an unbiased history). And what little bit of land is left – Gaza and the West Bank – is in a terrible state because of what Israel, and Israeli settlers, continue to do.

    Israeli apologists keep on blaming the victim for the crime. You should be mindful that no-one pays attention to what you say. You have lost your humanity to the point where you seem to believe your own lies and propaganda. Lies can never lead to peace, only truth and justice can lead to peace.

    Israel has to learn that to have peace itself, it must offer peace to the Palestinians too. But this is not the agenda. The agenda is to steal what little bit of land is left through ongoing settlement.

    So what is the final solution for the Palestinians? Where will the 5m Palestinians go? It seems that Israel is content to turn Gaza into a giant concentration camp, without enough food and water. The result will be the same as the German concentration camps at the end of the war – mass starvation, misery and death. If they can’t be forced to flee to other Arab countries, it seems Israel is happy to incarcerate them and starve them to death. It is one of the worst crimes of all time. Shame on you.

    1. Andonis says:

      Well said Karim

      I am neither Muslim or Palestinian thanks God.
      I say this to say to the liars of Israel.
      I have no bias and bless my Christian God for his grace in not placing me in Palestine thus saving me from massacre by the invaders of Palestine and International lawbreaker isNotReal

      If I had any sadness and sorrow for the Nazi atrocities Netanyahu and his like has wiped that sympathy from my mind

      I pray for the Free State of Palestine and the demise of invaders and settlers sooner rather than later

  20. Viv Hanshall says:

    Hasbara elert:

    As mentioned by Bleedy Eyes israel hires people to write propoganda and distortions. It’s in full evidence here when the usual victim blaming is repeated ad nauseum.
    Gaza is under an Israeli imposed seige and has been for years. Before that it was occupied for decades.

  21. dwhite says:

    Thank you Channel 4 and Jonathan Miller for this series.
    Until 5 years ago I had very little knowledge of Gaza – but the Israeli bombardment 2008/9 changed that. I have been pulled into learning more and more. The control that Israel exercises over every part of Gazan life is appalling. From gunboats destroying the finishing industry, sewage from Israel polluting the sea, anything you like to mention, Israel is squeezing the life out of the people. I won’t go on, many people know more than me, but thank you for the brave reporting you have done. It is all about letting us know the truth. You are doing that.

  22. Ruth Tenne says:

    As an Israeli human rights activist, who could testify to the decades-long plight of the Palestinian people, I wish to thank Jonathan Miller for his courageous and honest report concerning the intolerable situation in Gaza . I find the damning silence of the West virtually inexplicable . Hamas is , in fact , the elected authority of Gaza Strip rather than a “terrorist organisation” – as prescribed wrongly by Western states .

    I hope that the anticipated general election in Palestine (both the West Bank and Gaza) would lay the foundations for a National Unity Government of Hamas and Fatah – which would be based on modern-day principles and enable Palestine to be accepted as a full member-state of the UN and pursue Israel’s brutal occupation and siege of Gaza through the International criminal Court (ICC) and international humanitarian law.

    Ruth Tenne (Israeli human rights activist)

  23. Marc Isaacs says:

    Palestinian misery.
    They are kept like a festering sore by the Arab world.
    They are ripped off and brutalised by Hamas gangsters.

    Why do you focus on Zionism and Apartheid Israel?? Why can you not focus on Arab butchery and the terrible scenes from Woolwich to Syria to Libya to Nigeria. I don’t understand the logic.

  24. Marc Isaacs says:

    We’re you championing the rights of Catholics in N Ireland, Armenia, Jewish refugees in Libya.Are you championing the rights of gay people in Iran and Russia???

  25. Marc Isaacs says:

    You use the title ‘Israeli Human rights activist’ trying to lend weight to your views.
    Well hey, I’m a ‘British Human rights activist’ that opposes Britains underhand use of Anti -terror laws.
    Opinions are like ass holes,everyone has one

  26. Eliza says:

    Excellent reporting on the horrors inflicted on Gaza. Deluded Zionist trolls desperately grasping at straws/ misinformation as usual..

    1. Marc Isaacs says:

      Yes I’m a Zionist. Deluded and a troll? I suggest you keep reading Mein Kampf
      A hired blogger by the illuminati….. Keep up with the meds x

  27. Pen says:

    Thank you so much Jonathan Miller and Channel 4, for having the courage of your convictions, and having the integrity to portray the truth of what you experienced. We need journalists who can see through the dross and prejudicial smeers of those who have their own agenda!

    We have lived and worked among the Palestinian people in Bethlehem, and have experienced for ourselves the hardships suffered by the people due to ‘Occupation’. The people themselves are peace-loving, welcoming and resilient, just as most Israelis who genuinely care about their fellow countrymen, but they are being slowly squeezed out of the land, water and natural resources which they have lived with for centuries. Why?

    The answer lies in the exceptionalism and animosity of the Israeli Government,supported by the IDF, who, unrecognised in the prejudice, emotional reactions and ignorance of those who obviously do not yet know the true situation, are giving the Jewish people throughout the world a thoroughly bad name, so causing feelings of hatred, anger and frustration towards them. Anti-Semitism, originally referring to hatred of all who lived in the ‘Semitic’ countries, is still very much alive, but has also been hijacked by a small group, for their own purposes.

    Thank God for those Jews who can face the Truth with honesty and integrity and are prepared to share their real knowledge – Ruth Tenne for one, as well as Mark Braverman, Jeff Halper, all who belong to Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Jewish Voice for Peace, B’Tselem , Rabbis for Human Rights – I could go on and on!

    If only the governments of the West, and the media who serve them would be prepared to stand up for the truth, we might find a way of working together for the rights of all humanity!

  28. Tiffany says:

    Why don’t you do some Honest Reporting from Israel, show these ignorant people the truth of the matter, the equality, the Arab High Court Judge who sentenced a Jewish President of Israel to jail for serious crimes.

    At the same time show the sea-front villas and the Shopping centres in Gaza. Tell them about the cement for construction of homes that was used to build tunnels. Why don’t they smuggle medicine through the tunnels – there’s no shortage of missiles.

    Tell them about the thousands of Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals each year – no boycott there!!! You talk about the pro-Israel lobby but have you looked at the nonsense spewed out on this site that has no relationship to the truth of the matter. The Israelis who support this anti Israel bias are very much fringe people.

  29. michael says:

    The perceived threat that the supporters of the the gangster israeli state keep mentioning. That hamas is a terror organisation and wants to exterminate all Jews and wipe Israel off the map, is regurgitated rubbish I keep on hearing in the mainstream media. Hamas has recognised Israel on several past failed peace initiatives, and not seen this statement made at all in recent years, again spin by media to keep the fear and hate towards a people they loathe. Yes.they are not saints, but being under occupation for over 60s years will fester some animosity. Secondly. Before hamas even existed gazans and citizens from the west bank have been collectively punished. Don’t forget the shabre and shatilla massacres by the butcher sharon.

    You justify the killing of innocents living in an open prison, by stating that you defend yourself from crewd ineffective home made rockets which are largely symbolic as a form of resistance. I deplore death on both sides.but people dont blind yourselfs to your own arrogance and open your hearts and let’s stop this going on for the next 50 years. This is what gives birth and radicalise the young more so than any other course. So it is in our interest to make a fair case and stop this cycle of violence.

    Keep up the good honest work Mr Miller. The only British channel to be speaking the truth and not afraid to speak against the powerful zionist media machine

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