article 05 May 2015 World, Israel
Israeli tanks on the Gaza border 2014
Israel 'caused massive and unprecedented harm' in Gaza

Israeli soldiers fired indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians during the 2014 Gaza conflict, according to a report based on the testimony of dozens of IDF veterans involved in the operation.

article 01 April 2015 World, Israel
Gaza man 'tricked' into selling valuable Banksy artwork

A Palestinian man claims to have been "tricked" into selling a valuable Banksy painting, daubed on the door to his ruined home, for just 700 Israeli shekels (120).

article 16 March 2015 World, Israel
Israel elections: peace is off the campaign agenda

Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday, with signs that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be headed for defeat, as contenders brush off questions on Gaza and the prospects for peace.

article 20 February 2015 World, Israel
Trapped in rubble: Gaza's housing crisis

More than 100,000 homes remain damaged or destroyed in Gaza six months after a conflict with Israel, as lack of funds and a blockade continue to hamper reconstruction.

post 30 December 2014
How 2014 unfolded - in tweets

In Britain, 2014 was the year of the floods, Ukraine saw a revolution, Scotland almost went indy and the deadly Ebola struck west Africa.

article 20 December 2014 World, Israel
Israel launches first Gaza attack since August

Israeli aircraft bomb a Hamas militant base in the Gaza strip, in their first strike in Gaza since a ceasefire was declared four months ago.

post 02 December 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Safety guaranteed for Gaza family allowed to settle in UK

A family of Palestinian children, evacuated from Gaza, has arrived to settle in the UK, following reports by Channel 4 News.

post 27 November 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Government relents over visas for stranded Gaza family

The government has backtracked over its refusal to allow a British Palestinian father's children evacuated from Gaza to settle in the UK.

article 18 November 2014 World, Israel
Jerusalem unrest plays out on social media with cartoons

Twitter and Facebook is playing a key role in contributing to the volatile atmosphere in Israel following today's killings, with everything from cartoons to Kit-Kats being used in the propaganda war.