article 29 March 2016 UK, Egypt
EgyptAir hijack: flight lands at Cyprus airport

A man thought to be strapped with explosives hijacked an Egyptian plane on a flight between Alexandria and Cairo on Tuesday and forced it to land in Cyprus.

article 18 November 2015 World, Russia
IS publishes photo of 'bomb that destroyed plane'

Islamic State has published a picture of what it claims is the bomb used to blow up a Russian passenger plane over Sinai, killing all 224 people on board.

article 07 November 2015 UK, Egypt
British tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh
Rescue flights forced to turn back from Egypt

Thousands of Britons remain stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh after rescue flights were forced to turn back in mid-air.

article 06 November 2015 World, Russia
Vladimir Putin (Reuters)
Putin suspends Russian flights to Egypt

Moscow suspending passenger flights to Egypt after the Sinai air crash, just a day after suggesting Britain had acted prematurely by grounding jets.

article 06 November 2015 UK, Egypt
Sharm el-Sheikh: confusion over evacuation plans

The Transport Secretary says most British tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh will be home by this evening; but EasyJet says its planned rescue flights "have been suspended by the Egyptian authorities".

article 05 November 2015 UK, Egypt
Protests as Egypt's President al-Sisi welcomed at Number 10

Pro and anti-Sisi demonstrators clash as David Cameron welcomes the controversial leader, who is accused of mass human rights abuses.

article 05 November 2015 UK, Egypt
Sharm el-Sheikh: 'significant possibility' IS caused crash

David Cameron says it's looking "increasingly likely" the crash was caused by a terrorist bomb. German and Dutch airlines have joined the UK and temporarily stopped flights in and out of the resort.

article 04 November 2015 UK, Egypt
Flights from Sharm el-Sheikh to UK delayed over bomb fears

As Downing Street says that the Russian jet that crashed over Egypt's Sinai peninsula may have been brought down by an explosive device, flights to the UK are delayed to allow further checks.

article 03 November 2015 World, Russia
Russian plane crash: 'unusual sounds' in cockpit

Transcripts of cockpit recordings from the Metrojet plane which crashed in the Sinai desert with the loss of 224 lives are reported to reveal unusual sounds just before the disaster.