• 16 Mar 2009

    I have been cross-dressing again

    There is something shocking about seeing yourself as your mother, peering out of a national daily. Yes, folks. I have been cross-dressing. Again. Actually, I think I last cross-dressed when I was 16 and appearing in Ring Round the Moon, by Jean Anouilh, at school.

  • 2 Mar 2009

    How a student's tears won the RTS award

    As a child I only ever received one prize – for reading aloud. I got a brown covered copy of Great Expectations. Winning one at the TV news and current affairs ‘do’ the other night was as exciting. Yet there is something embarrassing too to be honoured by your peers. You feel that it is…

  • 23 Feb 2009

    VAT cut 'nuts', says Cameron

    I’ve sat down for a good long interview with David Cameron today. The interesting thing about interviewing people at irregular intervals is that you see how they’ve changed.