16 Mar 2009

I have been cross-dressing again

There is something shocking about seeing yourself as your mother, peering out of a national daily.

Yes, folks. I have been cross-dressing. Again. Actually, I think I last cross-dressed when I was 16 and appearing in Ring Round the Moon, by Jean Anouilh, at school.

Anyway, today’s Daily Telegraph has the awesome sight of four Channel 4 regulars dressed up to the nines, all of us in different ways looking like the Queen.

Inevitably, it is the scarf knotted beneath the chin. I hasten to say that if I really wanted to cut a dash as a woman, I would have chosen infinitely more flamboyant paraphernalia than that which I was allowed for this particular shoot (see below for a look devised by our graphics department).

We – Kevin McCleod, David Starkey, Tony Robinson and myself – are promoting the most excellent More4 pub quiz at which we’ve proved so successful in the past. Indeed, so successful that we have had to disguise ourselves as females in order to try to compete, having been banned as males.



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  1. Tina Louise says:

    That was such a pleasurable watch!

    Jon, you are quite the most elegant. Tony Robinon seems to have his Baldrick with him no matter what he is doing or being.

  2. Alice says:

    Wow. I don’t know if I’m supposed to find you attractive like that, but for reasons I cannot begin to guess at, I do. I thought I had a strange dream about you the other night in which you were outside a cafe with two sons who were like midget Jon Snows, posing in the heat with coffee.

    I wonder what Ill dream after seeing this? Maybe you’ll start wearing evening dresses for real, to mix up the tie and sock look a bit…

  3. Jen says:
  4. irene heald says:

    Brilliant!!! It cheered up my day, which was really depressing until I watched the clip. The white dress is not such a turn on as the tie & socks though, but maybe that’s because I’m a woman.

  5. Aida Seyoum says:

    Good fun! Nothing like British humour.

  6. steven hawes says:

    Given you don’t actually appear on More4, isn’t it a little odd that you should promote the channel as if you do? In fact none of you make any programmes for More 4 – the other three at least have their repeats shown on the channel.

    I expect more integrity from you Jon – not this kind of cheap con. Why didn’t Alex Thomson or Kylie Morris do it?

  7. Nathan harris says:

    In the days when Jon Snow sat behind a desk, I heard a rumour he didn’t wear any suit trousers but only his silk undershorts on a Friday that concided with Comic Relief. Is this true? Or have I mistaken Jonathan Ross for Snow? Can’t rememebr.

  8. Ray Turner says:

    I do hope pregnancy isn’t catching…

  9. Peter Nolan says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s day.

  10. Neil Farrow says:

    You are one sick pup Mr.Snow.

  11. Katie says:

    Haha I love it how this is bringing out all the sexual desires many people have for you. A little TOO convincing for me, but the suit, tie, socks… SEXXXY!

  12. Britt_W says:
  13. Nathan harris says:

    On the subject of Jon Snow’s wardrobe, does he dress in ways that deliberaley titlilate his any of his adoring audience? Sometimes he wears specs and then reverts back to what I can only presume is contact lenses. His tie never fails to fall over the centre of his crotch when he sits down. Given his height, a normal tie bought from Burton would fail to do that.

    When he does that, I suppose he draws attention to his socks and ties. He’s such an attention seeker.

    Makes you think that his silk boxers are the only attire he changes daily. Imagine if he has such colourful and extravagant undies to match his ties and socks. My wife of 15 years thinks he’s sexier than Bob Warman and Nick Owen from Central Tonight and Midands Today respectively.

    He wore the same pinstripe suit for two months back in 05 – THE SAME ONE I SAW HIM MODELLING when he did a live broadcast from the Black Horses pub in Northfield, Birmingham, when the Rover workers lost their jobs.

    Despite his salary he was too stingy to fork out for a round of drinks for all those recently unemployed people.

  14. Simon says:

    That image of you in the white dress is possibly the most disturbing image I’ve ever seen. It will haunt my dreams forever.

  15. denise black says:

    This is one of the funniest adverts ever. It’s brill.

  16. John GIll says:

    Whilt it errs towards Monty Python, the sight of four male C4 stars – including the best news anchor the world has – undermining the nonsense that can make true TV’s lives a misery was great (I speak as a gay man normally seen in beard and moustache, but with the occasional diamante earring). What I want to know is how I join that Jon Snow tie club, and if there’s a bowtie division?

  17. Geoff says:

    If you play your cards right you could get a hair shampoo ad. There is something a bit Davina-ish about that photo.

    You definitely look younger as a woman. But not as distinguished.

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