16 Mar 2009

I have been cross-dressing again

There is something shocking about seeing yourself as your mother, peering out of a national daily.

Yes, folks. I have been cross-dressing. Again. Actually, I think I last cross-dressed when I was 16 and appearing in Ring Round the Moon, by Jean Anouilh, at school.

Anyway, today’s Daily Telegraph has the awesome sight of four Channel 4 regulars dressed up to the nines, all of us in different ways looking like the Queen.

Inevitably, it is the scarf knotted beneath the chin. I hasten to say that if I really wanted to cut a dash as a woman, I would have chosen infinitely more flamboyant paraphernalia than that which I was allowed for this particular shoot (see below for a look devised by our graphics department).

We – Kevin McCleod, David Starkey, Tony Robinson and myself – are promoting the most excellent More4 pub quiz at which we’ve proved so successful in the past. Indeed, so successful that we have had to disguise ourselves as females in order to try to compete, having been banned as males.



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