1 Mar 2014

This is the most-played Spotify song of all time

Avicii’s Wake Me Up has become the first song to reach 200m streams on Spotify. At four and a half minutes long, that means it has been played for a whopping 1,700 years…

A song by a Swedish DJ that mixes house-style beats with country folk, has broken the world record for Spotify streams.

It had already been played 280m times on YouTube, but this week, it beat Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons, to become the most streamed song ever, reaching over 200m plays – a total of 1,700 years worth of consecutive plays.

The track was first released last summer, but is still being played around the world at an estimated rate of 850,000 times a day – further proof, if any were needed, of how the life of a song can be nurtured online.

In a statement released via Spotify’s Twitter account, the 24-year-old DJ and producer said: “I’m so excited to be the first artist to reach 200m streams on Spotify, I’ve had an amazing year, so a massive thanks to all of my fans!”