23 Mar 2015

Blair to Bloom: the best political ‘doorstep’ interviews

Getting answers to difficult questions from politicians can be tough. Channel 4 News presents the top 10 ‘doorstep’ interviews from Political Correspondent Michael Crick, a master of the art.

Over the past four years Channel 4 News has approached politicians from across parties (and from outside British politics) to ask the questions they have not answered.

Below is a list of the doorstep interviews featured in the video above, and the stories they relate to.

  1. Liam Fox resigns over friendship with Adam Werritty
  2. Grant Shapps questioned over online persona ‘Michael Green’
  3. John Prescott loses police commissioner election
  4. Conservatives come third in Eastleigh by-election
  5. Allegations of sexual harassment by Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard
  6. Harriet Harman at the South Shields by-election
  7. Godfrey Bloom at the Ukip autumn conference
  8. Tony Blair in London during 2014 Gaza conflict
  9. Former BBC producer turned Ukip head of communications Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert gets a taste of his own medicine
  10. Green Party leader Natalie Bennett recovers from ‘brain fade’

For more ‘doorstep’ interviews from all the Channel 4 News team, check out our Youtube playlist.

Editing by David Doyle