23 May 2024

Why Rishi Sunak really went for snap general election

Campaigning is underway after Rishi Sunak’s shock decision to call a snap general election – and the decision by Nigel Farage not to stand as a candidate for his Reform UK party might play to his favour – yet many are still puzzled by his decision.

The Conservatives are twenty points behind in the polls and even the prime minister recently admitted he’s unlikely to win. So why go now? And why in the rain?  Does he have something up his sleeve? He says Labour don’t have a plan. Do they? What are the issues, and who are the people that will decide this election?

To talk about all this and more on The Political Fourcast we’re joined by Conservative MP and former Levelling Up minister Dehenna Davison, Labour’s former Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw and pollster Luke Tryl.

Produced by Silvia Maresca, Calum Fraser, Shaheen Sattar, Rob Thompson and Nick Jackson.


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