8 Apr 2015

When Nigel Farage met TOWIE’s Joey Essex

Is Grimsby to blame for EU fish quotas? And many other things you never expected to hear from Joey Essex, star of “The Only Way is Essex”, as he locks horns with the Ukip leader.

When else would the Ukip leader Nigel Farage deliberately cross paths with Joey Essex, star of reality TV show “The Only Way is Essex”?

With only a few weeks to go before the general election, Joey kicked off a planned set of meet-and-greets with the big party leaders.

He told Mr Farage “I’m just trying to show the youth that it’s a good thing to vote”, as they engaged in a somewhat bizarre conversation on the EU, fish quotas and why it all affects Britain.

Let’s get our fishing industry back Nigel Farage

Grimsby “is symbolic of what’s gone wrong,” Me Farage enthused to Joey.

“If we’d come here 40 years ago there were thousands of men working here, a massive trawler fleet, big fish filleting factories – it was the biggest fishing port in the country.

“We joined the European union, we now have to share all our fish with all the other European countries, which I think rightfully should be ours.”

“Because of Grimsby?” Joey asks.

“Not because of Grimsby,” Mr Farage reassures him.

“But because if you’re in Europe, you share everything. So we’ve got all the fish out here and we’re allowed to catch about 15 per cent of it. And that’s why you’re not seeing a big thriving fishing industry.

“And what we’re saying is, let’s take our country back, let’s take our territorial waters back, let’s get our fishing industry back. That’s why Grimsby.”

That’s why, Joey – that’s why.