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article 24 March 2015 UK
Ukip MEP vows to fight expulsion over expense fraud claims

An MEP and general election candidate expelled by Ukip over allegations of an inflated expenses claim vows to fight the decision.

article 20 March 2015 UK
Janice Atkinson MEP (Getty Images)
Ukip disarray as would-be MPs suspended and another quits

Ukip is plunged into turmoil as MEP Janice Atkinson and another general election candidate are suspended, while a third resigns claiming there is racism and bullying within the party.

article 15 March 2015 Politics
Ukip pact: Farage offers post-election deal with Tories

George Osborne refuses to rule out a deal with Ukip after the general election in the event of a hung parliament, as Nigel Farage reveals a pact with the Conservatives could be possible.

post 13 March 2015
Read more on Michael's blog Political heavyweight Al Murray's stunt fails to take off

Pub Landlord Al Murray, who is standing against Nigel Farage in South Thanet, was to be "parachuted" into the constituency this morning - until he claimed he was too heavy to jump.

post 12 March 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy John Lewis' chairman shuns Farage idea firms should be free to hire Brits

The chairman of John Lewis made clear on Thursday what he thought of Nigel Farage's plans to scrap racial discrimination laws should Ukip ever form a government.

article 12 March 2015 Politics
Farage: should Ukip scrap race discrimination laws?

Nigel Farage sparks a Twitter row after calling to scrap "much of" race discrimination legislation in a Channel 4 documentary, due to be shown next week.

article 06 March 2015 UK
Cameron's bluff called in election debate stand-off?

Britain's main broadcasters say they are sticking to plans for three televised leaders' debates in the election campaign - a decision the prime minister's spokesman called "disappointing".

article 28 February 2015 UK
Nigel Farage: Ukip open to everyone

Nigel Farage defends Ukip's popular appeal, as transsexual and former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney receives a standing ovation after an emotional speech at the party's spring conference.

article 27 February 2015 UK
Nigel Farage: UK must adopt immigration points system

Addressing Ukip's spring conference in Margate, party leader Nigel Farage says the UK must adopt the Australian-style points system to decide who should be able to settle in the country.