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article 21 April 2014 UK
Ukip anti-immigration posters - what do they actually say?

Ukip's posters have caused a bit of a stir, and the party has branded comparisons with the British National Party as "ridiculous". But what do they actually say, and how do they compare with others?

article 21 April 2014 UK
Ukip 'anti-immigration' campaign poster
Ukip criticised over anti-immigration campaign posters

Ukip has come under fire after the party unveiled a series of anti-immigration European election campaign posters that it plans to display in "hundreds" of sites.

post 02 April 2014
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Elvis, cheap nannies, Putin and the "underclass" - my take on Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg's second debate.

post 02 April 2014
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Clegg/Farage round two is almost upon us. Cut through the spin with FactCheck's guide to the truth about Europe and immigration.

post 26 March 2014
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Nigel Farage accused Nick Clegg of using tired old statistics. Clegg accused Farage of making them up. But with a chance to fish for Labour and Tory votes, perhaps both men were winners?

video 26 March 2014 Politics

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Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage: the Europe debate

The Lib Dem and Ukip party leaders square up for a debate ahead of European elections in May, but who comes out on top?

post 26 March 2014
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YouGov is producing an instant "who won the debate?" poll for the Sun. It's hard to imagine that will do anything other than give the Ukip leader a massive lead.

article 12 March 2014
Ukip leader Nigel Farage (Getty)
Farage uses EU money to employ 'former mistress' says MEP

Ukip leader Nigel Farage declines to comment on accusations that he uses his secretarial allowance to employ both his wife and "former mistress".

article 12 March 2014 UK, European Union
EU referendum 'unlikely' under Labour - Ed Miliband

A future Labour government would not hold an in/out referendum on EU membership unless there are moves to transfer fresh powers to Brussels, Ed Miliband says.