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post 14 July 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Conservatives: Newark spending 4,000 within legal limit

The Conservatives claim to have spent 96,191 on winning last month's by-election in Newark, that's 3,809 below the official spending limit in by-elections of 100,000 per party.

video 12 June 2014 UK

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'Why I left Ukip': Sanya-Jeet Thandi - video

Sanya-Jeet Thandi, 21, who quit Ukip claiming it had "descended into a form of racist populism" visits Gravesend in Kent to find out how she ended up out of step with her former party.

post 06 June 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Conservative car crash in Newark

After my brief car park conversation with former Newark MP Patrick Mercer, he scraped an adjacent car as he drove away. A witness to the incident said he'd voted Ukip after voting Tory for 30 years.

post 06 June 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Newark, the Tories, and a gentle rap on the head

Later today, in the town square in Newark, I have an appointment with a gentleman who has promised me that I can rap him over the head with a rolled-up newspaper (a la Godfrey Bloom).

post 02 June 2014
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog MPs should ditch the focus groups and speak from the heart

MPs with character are few and far between these days. Those who look and speak like a fully paid-up member of the human race tend to find themselves out of government.

article 28 May 2014 UK
by Are young people sleepwalking towards Ukip-land?

Ukip gains at the polls and an eventual exit from the European Union - the prediction of one academic if voter apathy persists among young people in this country.

article 27 May 2014 UK
Newark by-election Ukip posters
Michael Crick by After Europe, Farage's Ukip sets sights on Newark

Following success in the EU elections, Nigel Farage is setting his sights on Westminster - and on next week's Newark by-election. Are the parties pulling their weight?

post 27 May 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Ed Miliband: trying to re-connect

Like Boris Johnson, Ken Clarke and few others in politics, Nigel Farage speaks fluent pub. Can Ed Miliband compete?

article 27 May 2014 UK
David Cameron urges European Union reform
Cameron planning EU reform after Ukip 'earthquake'

Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing other EU leaders to embrace reform following the political "earthquake" that saw eurosceptic parties succeed in the European elections.