Nigel Farage


article 28 February 2015 UK
Nigel Farage: Ukip open to everyone

Nigel Farage defends Ukip's popular appeal, as transsexual and former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney receives a standing ovation after an emotional speech at the party's spring conference.

article 27 February 2015 UK
Nigel Farage: UK must adopt immigration points system

Addressing Ukip's spring conference in Margate, party leader Nigel Farage says the UK must adopt the Australian-style points system to decide who should be able to settle in the country.

article 27 February 2015 UK
Paul Lambert interviewed by Michael Crick
Michael Crick by Ukip's Mr Lambert: 'When are you going to resign?'

Watch the hunter become the hunted. Paul Lambert, the former BBC producer, now Ukip's head of communications, finds himself in the firing line of Channel 4 News's Michael Crick.

article 27 February 2015 UK, United States
Nigel Farage's US speech gets lukewarm reception

The Ukip leader travelled to Washington to speak at right-wing conference CPAC - but was placed bottom of the bill, after most of the delegates had left.

post 27 February 2015
Read more on Michael's blog Is it springtime for Ukip and Margate?

A publicity stunt for a revival of The Producers saw scantily-clad women in Nazi uniforms outside the venue for Ukip's spring conference. Is Ukip itself in need of a revival?

post 23 February 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Ukip's health policies under the knife

A Ukip government would spend an extra 3bn a year on the NHS. Where will the money come from - and will it be enough to pay for all the promises?

video 13 February 2015 UK

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Fear and loathing on campaign trail: Chippenham

The Lib Dems are at their lowest level of support for 25 years. As a new poll puts them on just 6 per cent, Michael Crick takes his pink Cadillac to Chippenham to find out why the slump.

video 25 January 2015 Politics

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Bashir: racism claims against Ukip 'disturbed me' - video

Former Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir says racism allegations against the party "on a daily basis" began to concern him, after defecting to the Conservative Party today. He denies having "extremist" ties.

article 25 January 2015 Politics
Farage feels the heat as Ukip face more party woes

Ukip leader Nigel Farage exclusively tells Channel 4 News that he had possibly been "too soft" in not suspending Amjad Bashir earlier, who defected to the Conservative Party amid suspension claims.