20 Jan 2014

Police Federation crusades against politicians must end’ – report

Wholesale changes are being proposed to the culture, behaviour, structure, organisation and financial accountability of the Police Federation for the first time in its 95 year history.

A damning review led by former Home Office top civil servant Sir David Normington warns there is a “worrying lack of confidence and competence”, and the federation, which represents 130,000 rank and file police, has lost crucial influence.

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The review found the organisation riven with division and deep mistrust with some federation representatives on personal crusades against home secretaries and other ministers like the former chief whip Andrew Mitchell (pictured here) in the “plebgate” affair.

Sir David Normington told Channel 4 News that there’s been a culture of bad behaviour among a group of bullies within the federation. He condemned the secrecy surrounding at least 30 secret bank accounts held by branches of the federation, which he suspects holds considerable amounts of money

The report states: “If the federation wants to be respected and listened to in the future this has to stop.”

It also reveals the federation and its branch boards are sitting on a total of £60m. Some earned commission from providing financial and insurance services to members. But 25 per cent of boards refused to answer questions about the profits made.

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The report describes it as  “a disappointing response'” and raised a significant issue around openness and transparency.

The report outlines how the federation must regain the trust of its members and the public and makes 36 recommendations and sets a two-year deadline to implement them.

Among them is a proposal to reduce subscriptions by 25 per cent for at least a year.

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  1. Philip Edwards says:


    That headline.

    Tell it to the miners (see: recent exposure of Thatcher government lies) and the Hillsborough Disaster families, both of whom have waited almost a thirty years to show police corruption and lies.

    So some tory poltroon has to wait a few months for justice. Frankly, who cares?

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