article 18 December 2012 UK
CCTV casts doubt on account of Andrew Mitchell exchange
CCTV casts doubt on account of Andrew Mitchell exchange

Exclusive: Dispatches and Channel 4 News reveal CCTV footage of the exchange between Andrew Mitchell and police officers that raises questions about the account in police logs leaked to the media.

video 26 November 2013 Politics
Mitchell: dishonest police officers stitched me up - video

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Andrew Mitchell, the former cabinet minister at the centre of "plebgate", tells Channel 4 News he was stiched up by police officers whose sole duty it was to defend Downing Street.

article 19 December 2012 Politics
Revealed: Mitchell 'plebgate' row eyewitness email
The eyewitness email to Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row

As a new investigation is launched into allegations that Andrew Mitchell called police officers "plebs", Channel 4 News reveals the controversial email accusing the former chief whip of swearing.

article 19 December 2012 Politics
Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row: the key questions
Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row: the key questions (G)
Michael Crick by

After a Channel 4 News and Dispatches investigation questions the account recorded in a police log and results in calls for an investigation, Michael Crick answers the key questions on the row.


post 15 July 2014
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David Cameron's reshuffle exposes a lack of legal experience in the upper ranks of government - not to mention a growing pool of unhappy men in their 50s on the backbenches.

article 21 May 2014 UK
Police officer sacked by Met over 'Plebgate' involvement

Susan Johnson, formerly a police constable in the diplomatic protection group, is dismissed without notice after a gross misconduct hearing.

article 20 May 2014 UK
Simon Israel by 'Battered and bruised' police body attempts reboot

Burnt by scandals like "plebgate" and bullying allegations, the Police Federation is meeting in Bournemouth to elect a new leader and put in place reforms to get the organisation back on track.

article 12 February 2014 UK
Andrew Mitchell (picture: Getty)
Plebgate: Andrew Mitchell treated like 'tethered prey'

A former policeman at the centre of the "plebgate" row, which led to the resignation of Andrew Mitchell, says the police Federation has treated the former chief whip like "tethered prey".

post 20 January 2014
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Wholesale changes are being proposed to the culture, behaviour, structure, organisation and financial accountability of the Police Federation for the first time in its 95 year history.

post 10 January 2014
Read more on Michael's blog 'Plebgate' officer convicted - but big questions remain

So Keith Wallis has admitted his guilt and faces the prospect of several months in jail. But is still doesn't clear Andrew Mitchell's name, as another policeman stands by his account of "plebgate".