Michael Crick , Political Correspondent

Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Michael has been an on-screen TV reporter for almost a third of a century. He is the only founding member of the Channel 4 News team from 1982 (when he was 24) who is still working on the programme - though there was a 21-year gap when he worked for a lesser-known British broadcaster.

In his first spell on Channel 4 News he ended up as Washington Correspondent (1988-90). He says his move back here in 2011 was the best he ever made. "I've never enjoyed my work as much as I do now. Gary Gibbon is a superb Political Editor, the best in the business. We have very different styles as journalists, and I think that helps."

Michael has won three RTS awards - the first, in 1989, was for his coverage for Channel 4 News of the 1988 US election; the second, in 2002, was for a BBC Panorama programme on Jeffrey Archer. Then in 2013 he was RTS Specialist Correspondent of the Year. In 2014 he was also chosen as Political Studies Association Journalist of the Year.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Heseltine. He is now writing a biography of the legendary political scientist and psephologist David Butler.

Michael is also a lay governor of Manchester University.

  • Published on 16 Jun 2017

    The tragedy has become increasingly political, as angry residents search for people to blame. There was a lot of criticism of the Prime Minister yesterday for not visiting victims, and she faced angry shouts as she lift the area next to Grenfell tower today.

  • Published on 13 Jun 2017

    Within the last hour, Jeremy Corbyn has been meeting Labour MPs for the first time since the election. He was given a rapturous reception from the PLP, as he told them Labour was now a government in waiting.

  • Published on 12 Jun 2017

    While the Conservatives are struggling over the difficulties of minority government, the Labour party has its own problems. Mainly, what to say about Brexit? Millions of thousands of young people voted Labour last week, many hoping for a softer exit from the EU. But over the weekend, Labour bigwigs sent out mixed messages over the…

  • Published on 11 Jun 2017 Sections

    Michael Crick asks whether Mrs May is showing any signs of confidence after the chaos of the last three days.

  • Published on 9 Jun 2017

    One feature of last night’s results was the marked swing back to two-party politics. The Conservatives took more than 42 per cent of the vote, while Labour had 40 per cent – the biggest combined vote share for those two since 1970. Nobody else managed double figures. Mrs May saw her vote share rise significantly,…

  • Published on 7 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been criss-crossing the country: Jon Snow caught up with him as he arrived at Colwyn Bay in North Wales, but he declined to give him an interview.

  • Published on 6 Jun 2017 Sections ,

    The election has been dominated over these closing days by issues of security in the wake of the London Bridge attack. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is in Birmingham this evening, where he’s due to address a rally within the next few minutes. His speech is being beamed live to similar events around Britain.

  • Published on 5 Jun 2017

    Michael Crick is in County Durham, where earlier he caught up with Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Published on 2 Jun 2017

    The Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay says he will carry on his campaign in South Thanet, despite being charged with “corrupt practices” over his 2015 election expenses.  Mr Mackinlay described the decision to prosecute as “shocking”, while Theresa May said she believed the allegations were unfounded. Mr Mackinlay is accused of falsely declaring expenses in the…

  • Published on 1 Jun 2017 Sections

    As the polls narrow further, Theresa May seems to have changed tack. After her no-show at last night’s TV debate she is going “back” to Brexit as the big issue of the campaign. She’s told voters that they should support her to “fulfil the promise of Brexit” – and its “enormous” opportunities. Jeremy Corbyn, who…

  • Published on 31 May 2017

    The constituency of Shipley in West Yorkshire could be something of a bellwether for the election. A Conservative seat for 30 years, Labour then held it from 1997 to 2005, when it switched back to the Tories.

  • Published on 29 May 2017 Sections ,

    Theresa May has been defending her record on security at a campaign event in Twickenham today – claiming she had excluded more hate preachers from the country as Home Secretary than ever before. But is the issue proving so important to voters – or are they still making decisions on the bedrock issues like health,…

  • Published on 26 May 2017 Sections ,

    The election campaign got back into full swing today, with polls showing that the Conservative lead over Labour is narrowing. This morning, Jeremy Corbyn drew a link between the UKs involvement in foreign wars and terrorism at home – arguing that British foreign policy had to change. The Conservatives accused him of a “totally inappropriate…

  • Published on 25 May 2017 Sections ,

    Campaigning for the General Election resumed at a national level today when the United Kingdom Independence Party launched their manifesto – having postponed it yesterday. The document promises significant increases in police and military personnel, billions extra for the NHS and a commitment to reduce net migration to zero. Yet in the light of Monday’s…

  • Published on 22 May 2017 Sections ,

    It didn’t take long. With poll numbers slipping just four days after their controversial manifesto pledge to make elderly people pay for their social care at home, Theresa May has abandoned the policy, saying the Tories would now consider a cap on costs. Labour said her government was mired in “chaos and confusion”, while the…