Kylie Morris , Washington Correspondent

Kylie Morris is the Washington correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Kylie is a former Channel 4 News Asia correspondent and was also the presenter of More 4 News. Kylie previously worked at the BBC as the Gaza correspondent from 2001-2002, Kabul correspondent 2002-2004, for which she won an FPA award, and then as the BBC Asia correspondent until joining Channel 4 News in 2006.

One of her first assignments for Channel 4 News was reporting the conflict in Lebanon in July 2006, for which we collectively won an RTS Award. She has been in and out of the newsroom in the last two years - recently she reported the Gulnaz film alongside Leslie Knott and Cleminitne Malpas which has just been nominated for another FPA award.

  • Published on 3 Oct 2017 Sections

    Tony Dumbleton, a British fireman in Las Vegas with his wife, discusses what he experienced.

  • Published on 3 Oct 2017

    A “sick man, a demented man.” Those were the words Donald Trump used to describe Stephen Paddock, who killed 59 people and injured more than 500 in Las Vegas. What detectives are struggling to understand is Paddock’s motivation. Why did the 64-year-old amass an arsenal of more than 20 weapons in his 32nd-storey hotel room and turn them…

  • Published on 2 Oct 2017 Sections

    America is “joined together in sadness, shock and grief,” said a clearly stunned President Trump, telling families of those who died in Las Vegas: “We cannot imagine your loss.” The killer, Stephen Paddock, was found dead by police as they stormed the hotel room he’d been firing from, together with up to ten weapons. A…

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    The US has ordered half its Havana embassy personnel to leave, warned Americans not to travel to Cuba and suspended the processing of visas there, following mysterious “health attacks” targeting US diplomats.

  • Published on 26 Sep 2017

    Even by Donald Trump’s standards, it’s been quite a start to the week. His attacks on sportsmen who have knelt in protest during the national anthem have continued, drawing criticism that he has neglected the struggles of three million US citizens in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Today he announced he’ll visit there on Tuesday. The President has…

  • Published on 25 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    North Korea has said it regards itself at war with America and threatened to shoot down US airplanes after President Trump’s comments about Kim Jong-un last week. The threat comes on the day President Trump added three more countries to his US travel ban – North Korea, Venezuela and Chad. He’s also started a fight…

  • Published on 20 Sep 2017 Sections

    Theresa May has been speaking to the United Nations.

  • Published on 20 Sep 2017 Sections

    After President Trump’s outspoken attack on Iran at the United Nations yesterday, in which he accused its government of masking “a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy”, and threatened to walk away from a landmark nuclear deal, Iran’s President had his own say today, telling the UN Iran was unmoved by threats and…

  • Published on 19 Sep 2017

    At the United Nations General Assembly, a platform President Trump once decried but now bestrode, he threatened to totally destroy North Korea and mocked Kim Jong-un, saying “Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself”. He accused Iran of being intent on destabilising the Middle East, and denounced socialism. It only brought  “anguish, devastation…

  • Published on 18 Sep 2017

    At the United Nations general assembly in New York, Donald Trump has used his first speech there to slap the organisation down. The US President told a special meeting to discuss reforms that it should focus more on people and less on bureaucracy. This is at a time when the UN is facing some of…

  • Published on 15 Sep 2017

    The United States has told China and Russia they must take “direct action” against North Korea, after its latest missile launch over Japan. The missile set off warning sirens as it flew 2,300 miles before landing in the sea off the island of Hokkaido. China condemned the launch, but with the United Nations Security Council due to meet again…

  • Published on 14 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    President Trump has said he’s close to a deal with top Democrats to protect the so-called ‘Dreamers’ – just a week after he pledged to cancel a scheme to protect 800 thousand young undocumented migrants from deportation.

  • Published on 11 Sep 2017 Sections ,

    We report from Florida after one of the biggest mass evacuations in US history. Hurricane Irma has just about finished with Florida – finally. The monster has weakened to a tropical storm, but not before battering communities with lashing rain, violent wind gusts and storm surges in coastal areas.

  • Published on 10 Sep 2017

    Irma is due to make landfall at 2am in Tampa on the west coast of Florida.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections , ,

    It is still one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. Now Hurricane Irma has turned north towards the United States, leaving devastation across the Caribbean in its wake. Tonight all residents in Florida have been warned they should be prepared to evacuate.