8 May 2015

Feeling threatened? Insults fired at the SNP

More insults raining down on the SNP tonight with the Labour hopeful in Glasgow South calling the party a “cult”.

Curious for any person defending a 10,000+ “safe seat” to say that because it sounds like he feels threatened.

He is, of course.

Polling Stations Across The UK


Six of the seven Labour seats across Glasgow are in the 10,000+ majority bracket and the SNP has never won a general election seat in the city.

But it looks hairy for Tom – for Labour.

You see an awful lot of SNP votes on the ballots across the hall here in Glasgow. Many activists see two-to-one in favour of the yellow. Turnout in most of the city is above 60 per cent.

People are seriously speaking of turning out Labour from its ultimate British bastion and Scotland’s biggest city.

And this is what London, England and perhaps Labour doesn’t get. Sure the tsunami of SNP support is astonishing from an English perspective.

In fact, though, it merely progresses the landslide by Alex Salmond in 2011  at the Holyrood election.

And my sense is that this is a far wider movement beyond the SNP itself. It is more than that.

Sure, it is a call towards independence but not primarily as an election issue, however much the London papers want to spin it from London.

It is a far wider rebellion against what is seen as the Great Blair New Labour Sell-out by so many Scots. The SNP in policy and personnel is in many ways what New Labour abandoned.

Put that against constantly not voting for the Tory government this country gets, and you have yet wider discontent.

All that reality will be visited on England now if the polls are right, by Scots left abandoned by a complacent Labour Party.

And independence? Why of course it will be back on the agenda if the exit poll becomes reality.

That’s democracy. And we will see how the Tories deal with it.

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7 reader comments

  1. ShockJock says:

    Bang on. Nail. Head.

  2. Marc Taylor says:

    Latest Conservative share of poll prediction 40%. Totally unexpected. Is this because of the SNP with former non voters voting tonight to boost the anti SNP-Labour alternative coalition. Even my son at 26 who has never voted before -what’s the point all politicians are the same- voted in a safe Tory Bedfordshire seat “to keep the SNP out.

  3. Stephen Graham says:

    The war criminal Tony Blair destroyed Labour. Nothing has replaced the vacuum and now the SNP is our voice for the future.

    Long live a self determining Scotland, free from the smouldering embers of a once brutal and bloody Empire.

    1. James Greer says:

      It is best for Scotland to rid themselves of Britain and any ties Scotland has with the US. Both the US and Britain will be in a third world status very soon. when the house of paper “Wall-street” collapses, It will never rear it’s ugly head again.

  4. James Greer says:

    All for Scotland, Scotland for all.

  5. peter griffin says:

    thank you Alex Thomson for your balanced but very fair coverage of the SNP campaign in
    Scotland , you have restored my faith in journalism !!

  6. george sutherland says:

    Brilliant, couldn’t have got a better result for Scotland. Tory government in England for probably the next 20 years (if not more). Surely Scotland will have gained its Independence by then.

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