Alex Thomson

Chief Correspondent

Alex is the longest-serving on-screen journalist on C4 News since the channel began. In more than 25 years he's covered over 20 wars; led major investigations and continues to front the programme from around the world.

His journalism has won several BAFTA and EMMY awards; two New York Film and TV Awards and in 2011/12 he was named TV Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society.

He's written two books about the 1991 Gulf War and a travelogue about cycling across India.

He has been External Examiner at Cardiff and currently Bournemouth Schools of Journalism and is Honorary Fellow in Journalism at Falmouth School of Journalism.

  • Published on 19 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    For thousands of migrants stuck in Serbia – desperate to reach the European Union – there is a choice: centres run by the government or sleeping rough in terrible condition.

  • Published on 18 Jan 2017

    More than a thousand migrants will be sleeping rough tonight in snow, freezing winds and sub-zero temperatures in Belgrade.

  • Published on 10 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    Ministers have appealed to nationalists and unionists in Northern Ireland to come together to avert a looming political crisis.

  • Published on 9 Jan 2017 Sections

    Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness has resigned his post, sparking a constitutional crisis which is likely to force new elections.

  • Published on 6 Jan 2017 Sections

    Back now to the reports tonight from Fort Lauderdale in Florida that say a number of people have been killed in a shooting incident at the airport.

  • Published on 6 Jan 2017 Sections

    There are reports tonight from Fort Lauderdale in Florida that say several people have been killed in a shooting incident at the airport.

  • Published on 3 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    A British man has been killed fighting the Islamic State group in Syria.Twenty-year-old Ryan Lock, a former chef  with no military experience, travelled to the country to fight alongside Kurdish militia known as the YPG.

  • Published on 2 Jan 2017 Sections

    Islamic State militants say they were responsible for the new year gun attack that killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub – calling it revenge for Turkish attacks on IS targets inside Syria.  Turkish police say they’ve made eight arrests in connection with the shootings, but that the gunman himself is still at large.

  • Published on 30 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    Vladimir Putin, says that Moscow will not expel American diplomats in revenge for the expulsion of 35 Russians from the United States. Instead he says he’ll wait for Donald Trump to take office before deciding on any retaliatory action.

  • Published on 23 Dec 2016

    The danse macabre between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin continues.  After Trump’s tweets and comments about America winning any nuclear “arms race”, the Russian resident responded in kind, saying his country was “stronger than any potential aggressor”. Whatever happened to their bromance?

  • Published on 21 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    A marine serving a life sentence for the murder of an injured Afghan fighter has been refused bail pending a re-hearing of his trial. Sergeant Alexander Blackman had his case referred for appeal after new evidence came to light about his mental health at the time of the killing. But tonight this programme has new…

  • Published on 19 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    It was as shocking as it was sudden: the Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead right in the centre of Ankara by a gunman who shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and “Do not forget Aleppo” as he opened fire.

  • Published on 12 Dec 2016 Sections , ,

    The Syrian army has said it is in the last moments before declaring victory in the battle to recapture the eastern part of Aleppo. Today, the situation has become more desperate by the hour for the remaining civilians.

  • Published on 9 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    In 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok. Most of them have still not been found and the abductions have continued. Our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson has visited a camp in Maiduguri, where Unicef has helped support some of those abducted.  

  • Published on 7 Dec 2016 Sections , , ,

    It is the richest and most populous country in Africa, but parts of Nigeria are lurching towards a man-made famine. As the Nigerian army drives out the Islamists of Boko Haram from the north-east of the country, it is uncovering the scale of destruction they have left behind.