Published on 20 Nov 2012

The grim statistics behind Middle East grief

Some statistics for you summing matters up in Gaza after six days of bombardment. They come from the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights.

They maintain teams of monitors across Gaza who note each incoming blast.

In a statement they say:

“Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights is calling on the UN Commissioner and EU countries to take a clear stand against the ongoing Israeli breaches of the international law in Gaza, and to take urgent steps to end the continuing bloodbath among civilians.”

So you can make your own judgement as to whether or not the following is reliable but the figures are in line with Hamas government and IDS stats.

Here are their findings:

  • There have been an estimated 1,643 Israeli missile strikes in six days: 364 missiles were fired by the Israeli navy, there were 1,114 air strikes and 165 artillery shells.
  • One hundred and ten Palestinians have been killed including 25 children, 14 senior citizens and 12 women. Seventy-two per cent were civilians.
  • Eight hundred and ninety one Palestinians, including 277 children, 164 women and 62 seniors have been wounded.
  • There have been 664 rockets fired from Gaza which have hit southern Israel.
  • Three Israeli civilians have been killed and 10 civilians and four soldiers injured.
  • Israel has bombarded 822 government and civilian buildings in Gaza, completely destroying 71, and severely damaging 187 and partially damaging 559.

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  1. Michael C says:

    People have been calling on the EU and UN to do something for 60 years. Unless the Gazans hit oil, I suspect we’ll be calling on them for another 60. It’s time the world stood up and took action, words are no longer enough. The blockade needs to be lifted and sanctions imposed on Israel. The collective punishment of the Palestinian people cannot continue!

  2. John Roadknight says:

    Subject: Palestine
    Dear Mr Hague,
    I am writing to urge you to support the forthcoming bid at the U.N. for Palestine to be recognised as an observer state.With the eruption of yet another conflict between Israel and Gaza that will only be repeated over and over again until a peaceful two state solution can be found the recognition of Palestine as an observer state is of paramount importance to stop the impasse that has been going on for so long.
    Prisoners normally get remission for good behaviour.The last flare up I believe was in 2008-9.I would be most grateful if you would kindly advise me what concessions Israel has made to the imprisoned Palestinian people during this period? Have they lifted any of the draconian blockades and sanctions? Have they stopped or decreased their settlement programmes on the West Bank. Are they still restricting water on occupied Palestinian land? Are illegal settlers still burning Palestinian olive groves? Are Gazan fishermen still being harassed by Israeli gunboats? Have stringent movement restrictions on the people of Gaza and the West Bank been eased to improve goodwill?
    I’m afraid the truth is that Israel is happy to continue to subjugate the Palestinian people and under the international radar continue the colonisation of Palestine. In the end the patience of an imprisoned nation with a life sentence in perpetuity cracks, but you unfortunately cannot comprehend this, as I understand you have stated that Hamas, that was elected democratically, is “principally responsible” for the latest flare up!
    This country let Palestine down badly with the signing of the Balfour Declaration and has never apologised. A war tired U.K.let them down badly again after the Second World War by giving into the Israeli terrorists who carried out atrocities against our nation such as the bombing of the King David Hotel.A close friend of my father’s who was an Air Vice Marshall had a senior position out there and told us it was like being stabbed in the back by people you had just spent 6 years liberating from the most ghastly episode in human history and also helped by quite rightly taking in thousands of Jewish refugees. They continue to “help” us by stealing the identities of innocent British citizens to carry out an assassination abroad!Some friend!
    It is high time this country helped restore the dignity of this impoverished,imprisoned and much maligned people by at least recognising their identity!
    I know in advance however that as usual you will try and stall and at best abstain from supporting the U.N. Resolution!
    Yours sincerely
    John Roadknight

  3. Meg Howarth says:

    How did we reach the point where Israel’s creation on the land of another people is for the most part uncritically accepted across the western world? The world paying for European guilt?

  4. Philip Edwards says:


    If those figures are accurate they speak for themselves. Comment is superfluous.

    Please stay safe.

  5. gerard o'neill says:

    don’t expect any help of E.U.Commissioner or U.N.,they are all puppets,and only act when america and england want their political agenda pushed..

  6. andrew says:

    Are the UN in Gaza? Is israel trying to follow the example of the sri lankan goverment?

  7. Richard says:

    The solution is simple. Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel, then Israel will have no need to defend itself. No nation on earth would allow terrorists to attack its population without response.

    1. Stewart Brown says:

      There is nothing “simple” about this situation…and your answer betrays a total lack of understanding of it…

  8. Meg Howarth says:

    Thank you, John Roadknight. I’ve just tweeted your letter to William Hague.

  9. Miriam Cotton says:

    The facts speak for themselves. Take care Alex.

  10. Terry says:

    John Roadnight is right. I was in the Port of Haifa, Palestine in May1946, Israel didn’t exist then. Crowded ships were arriving with Jewish refugees from all over Europe, we felt sorry for them. At the time Zionist terrorists (Irgun & Stern gang) were demanding a Jewish state, attacking Palestinian villages and killing the inhabitants, also kidnapping and murdering British soldiers. So this aggression in Palestine is not a recent thing! It seems, the reason why the Isreali government don’t want a two state solution, is because they intend to continue their annexation of the remaining part of Palestine. Especially when we see the thousands of people from all over the world encouraged to settle illegally in Palestine and thousands of Palestinians driven off their lands into refugee camps. If you want to know and understand the true situation,consult honest people like Norman Finkelstein, and Noam Chomsky, not the BBC or Western Press!

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