Growing numbers of children living in ‘appalling conditions’, say teachers We spoke to 80 primary school teachers across England, Scotland and Wales, and with the help of the National Association of Head Teachers, surveyed 400 heads.
Child poverty becoming ‘new normal’ in parts of country “Poverty is the new normal” for children in some of the most deprived areas of the country, according to new study out today. The study, commissioned by a coalition of charites, suggests that in some areas, more than half of children are growing up in poverty.
Living in poverty while politicians bicker over Brexit While Westminster has spent almost three years consumed by Brexit, issues which literally mean life or death for some people have gone largely ignored.
Charity handed out 1.6m foodbank parcels in one year – rise of 20 per cent A leading food bank charity says the number of three-day supplies it’s given out in the last five years has “soared” by 73 per cent.
Worsening child poverty stopping learning, say teachers A new survey says that some children are coming to school without having eaten for two days – while others can’t afford basic equipment like pens and rulers. Meanwhile, teachers say a lack of government funding means measures to tackle poverty, like free breakfast clubs, are being scrapped.
Breadline Britain: We meet those struggling to put food on the table As part of our Breadline Britain series, we’ve been to Yorkshire to speak to those struggling to put food on the table.
Revealed: Over four million British children are living in poverty – 72% in working households Figures out today show that there are now more than four million children living in poverty in the UK.
Britain on the breadline: Two MPs tour country on fact-finding mission Independent MPs Heidi Allen and Frank Field say the Chancellor must end the freeze on benefits when he delivers his spring statement next week. 
Universal Credit to be ‘reset’ Potential problems with the system were further exposed today when four single mothers won a high court battle over the way the monthly payments were made, after arguing they were ending up out of pocket.  
Cross-party commission calls for three million new social homes A cross-party commission set up after the Grenfell Tower disaster has said that three million social homes must be built in England in the next 20 years. 
UN expert says austerity has condemned millions to poverty “Punitive, mean-spirited, and callous” – that’s how the United Nations special rapporteur on poverty has described the Government’s austerity policies, and he describes the rise in child poverty as a “social calamity and economic disaster”.
UN probes UK poverty amid benefits shake-up Being poor and on benefits in the UK can mean surviving on very little money – now the United Nations rapporteur on poverty has come to the country to investigate just how severe a problem it is.
What do those on universal credit think of the Chancellor’s announcement of more funding? After much criticism of the rollout of the new universal credit system, the Chancellor is ploughing in more than £2bn to help make the benefit work better, including a £1,000 a year increase in the amount people can earn before their benefits start tapering away.
Government under pressure to stop universal credit roll-out  Pressure is building on the government to stop the roll-out of universal credit. A leaked document suggests more radical changes to the benefit might be needed to mitigate its impact on vulnerable claimants.
What’s it like living on universal credit? The clamour from all sides to intervene in the national rollout of Universal Credit is rising. Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, faces calls to open the country’s chequebook ahead of his budget at the end of the month. Yesterday, Esther McVey, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said she accepts many people would be significantly worse off. Today the Times reported…
The working poor: Britain’s families living on the breadline Work is the best route out of poverty – it’s a slogan popular with politicians both left and right for the past two decades. But as the country surges towards record numbers of people in work – the number of those in work and in poverty too is also rising. According to the Institute for…

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