How has Scotland’s NHS performed under the SNP? Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the state of health services across the UK amid soaring demand, ongoing strikes, staff shortages and tight budgets.
England A&Es worse than Scotland and Wales on key 4 hour target, analysis finds In all three nations, things have got worse over the past decade.
NHS Wales crisis: thousands waiting hours in A&E Channel 4 News’s Fact Check team can reveal how much higher waiting lists are now in Labour-run Wales compared to a decade ago.
NHS Wales crisis: Tens of thousands waiting months for diagnostic tests What about the patients affected by higher waiting lists in Wales?
FactCheck: Over 18,000 patients a month wait more than 8 hours in Wales A&Es The elective care waiting list has nearly doubled since 2013.
FactCheck: extreme A&E waits in Northern Ireland now 36 times higher than 2009 Health service targets say no-one should wait this long.
Wait that could kill: NHS wait-time targets missed for years Health actuaries have told this programme longer waits are associated with more than 1,800 additional deaths last month alone.
FactCheck: has Rishi Sunak met his pledge to cut NHS waiting lists? Has Rishi Sunak met his pledge to cut NHS waiting lists? FactCheck takes a look.
Families call for public enquiry as NHS Trust admits failures over deaths The families and former patients of a mental health unit in Teesside say they were left without support when it was forced to shut down over safety concerns.
Maternity services crisis: Poll shows midwives leaving NHS due to stress and burnout Channel 4 News has exclusive polling that reveals why so many midwives plan to leave a service that’s already in crisis.
NHS has a ‘bright future’ with investments ‘like never before’, says health minister Ahead of the 75th anniversary of the NHS, we spoke to health minister Maria Caulfield about the state the service is in.
How has England’s NHS fared under Conservative governments? Let’s take a more in depth look with data from our FactCheck team, we’ve been finding out how England’s NHS has fared over the last twelve years.
Inside a Northern Ireland health and social care system in crisis It’s not just waiting times at A&E: Northern Ireland’s entire health and social care system is in crisis – from general practices facing closure, to cancer diagnosis delays. It’s been almost two years since Northern Ireland’s devolved government collapsed – and healthcare professionals warn that things will only get worse, if the political deadlock isn’t…

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