FactCheck: England’s NHS ten times worse than in 2011 on four key measures Exclusive FactCheck analysis lays bare the state of England’s health system.
NHS crisis: GPs in Scotland quitting due to ‘unsafe situation’ While the crisis in hospital A&E departments has been dominating recent headlines, the situation in GPs surgeries may be just as less urgent. 
NHS faces biggest day of strike action on 6 February The NHS is facing its biggest day of strike action ever – with more ambulance workers now set to join nurses who’ve already announced they are taking industrial action on 6 February.
Wales NHS under unprecedented pressure 1,000 ambulance workers across Wales were on strike today.
NHS Wales ‘working for the vast majority of people’, says Welsh health minister We spoke to the Welsh health minister Eluned Morgan, who in the past has claimed Westminster needs to fund Wales better to help the NHS.
NHS crisis: has the public lost confidence in the emergency services? Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said it was terrifying that people could ring 999 and not be confident they would get the healthcare they need from the NHS. 
Emergency in the NHS: Medics and politicians debate the crisis The NHS is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis – it’s a true emergency in UK healthcare.
FactCheck: more than half of Brits not confident in NHS emergency response An exclusive Channel 4 News poll published today shows how Brits feel about the current NHS crisis.
Health service in Northern Ireland under immense strain Across the UK, hospitals are under immense strain. But in Northern Ireland, the problems are on another scale. Before Covid, more than one in sixteen of the population were on a hospital waiting list, and problems have gotten much worse since then. Our own Factcheck team have been looking into the state of the health…
FactCheck: Northern Ireland’s long breast cancer waits are 50 times higher than in 2011 Women should be seen by a specialist within two weeks of a GP referral.

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