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Brazil’s ‘racist banana’: German student confesses


A German boy confesses to throwing a banana onto a football pitch during the Scotland Brazil game which prompted Brazilian player Neymar to say he was the victim of racial abuse. Keme Nzerem reports.

Brazil's Neymar reacts during their international friendly soccer match against Scotland at the Emirates Stadium in London

Neymar claimed Scottish football fans racially abused him during Brazil’s game with Scotland at the Emirates stadium last Sunday.

A banana skin was seen on the pitch near the Scottish penalty box, which Brazil’s midfielder Lucas Leiva later removed.

Neymar, who scored both goals against Scotland, later told a TV station that he was the subject of a lot of jeering and said there was an atmosphere of racisim during the game.

Both Arsenal, owners of the Emirate stadium, the Metropolitan Police and the Scottish Football Association launched an investigation into the banana incident.

However a source at the Emirates stadium has revealed to Channel 4 News’s Keme Nzerem the real story behind the “racist banana”.

Of all the ways to get thrown off a school trip, writes Channel 4 News's Keme Nzerem. 

A German student on a school exchange went on the excursion of his holiday - to see the mighty Brazil play the er, plucky Scots at the Emirates stadium.

He was given a packed lunch. He didn't want his banana and for some reason threw it onto the pitch. Before he knew it he was the mystery person at the centre of the biggest race scandal to hit British football for years.

He confessed to his school yesterday. They told the cops. The cops spoke to him and decided there was no racist intent.

But he was sent home with his tail between his legs.

Arsenal have released a statement saying that: “After consultation with the Metropolitan Police, Arsenal Football Club can confirm that a German teenage tourist has admitted throwing a banana onto the pitch during the Brazil v Scotland International Friendly at Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

“The youngster was sitting in the North Bank of Emirates Stadium, an area of the stadium which was occupied by the official allocation of tickets to Brazil supporters, when he threw the banana on to the pitch during the second half of the match.

“The Metropolitan Police is satisfied there was no racist intent and have confirmed that no further action will be taken.”

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