Siobhan Kennedy

Business Editor
Siobhan Kennedy is the Business Editor, and her beat includes everything from industrial action and the long term impact of the recession to where growth is coming from in the economy.
Siobhan Kennedy is the Business Editor, and her beat includes everything from industrial action and the long term impact of the recession to where growth is coming from in the economy.

Siobhan joined Channel 4 News in 2008, from The Times. As a newspaper reporter she worked as Politics and Business Correspondent, and before that the Mergers and Private Equity Correspondent. Before The Times, Siobhan worked for Reuters based in London and New York.


post 06 October 2016
Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit? No, it's the Right Brexit stupid!

Sterling touched another new low today as investors continue to believe that a Hard Brexit is now inevitable and that it will bring pain for the British economy or British businesses.

post 19 July 2016
A 'benign' Brexit forecast from the IMF?

Given the grim protestations of the IMF prior to Brexit some might be surprised to see the forecaster's view on the UK economy post the referendum.

post 19 July 2016
ARM: UK chip designer to be bought by Japan's Softbank

Had this takeover of ARM happened in normal times, it┐s not clear the now Prime Minister┐s response would have been quite so welcoming.

post 24 June 2016
Brexit: memories of the great financial crash

It felt like a Lehman moment. A referendum result spiralling out of control.

article 19 October 2015 UK
Supermarkets launch investigations over migrant exploitation

They pack 1 in 4 apples you buy in Britain's top supermarkets. But who are the people doing the work? Channel 4 News has been undercover at Britain's largest growing, packing and storage operation.

post 11 August 2015
Google: is it at risk of going against its own 'don't be evil' mantra?

Does bigger always equal better? Or should we beware a Google with ever sprawling tentacles?

post 07 August 2015
Was the Governor flip-flopping on interest rates?

Mark Carney is saying that in order to stop inflation overshooting the target, we might have to start raising rates more quickly or more steeply than yesterday's report would imply.

post 06 August 2015
MPC split 8-1 - but interest rates kept on hold at 0.5 per cent

At least one member of the Bank of England's monetary policy committee voted for an increase in interest rates in the August meeting, the minutes of the meeting reveal today.

post 05 August 2015
RBS share sale good for Osborne - but don't the public get a say?

You could argue that it's us the taxpayer - the people who bailed out RBS in the first place - that should have been given first dibs to buy the shares.

post 01 July 2015
Heathrow third runway: business says 'pick up the shovel'

It's taken a three-year investigation but today the Airports Commission announced what many had expected - that a third runway at Heathrow is the preferred option to expand the UK's airport capacity.

post 26 June 2015
Tesco sales - signs of things starting to turn around?

It says something about Tesco's predicament that its shares have risen this morning because first quarter sales were bad, but not as bad as they could have been.

article 19 June 2015 UK
BT Tower: back to the 60s

As the BT Tower restaurant reopens for the first time in 35 years, the company's chief executive Gavin Patterson says falling out of the EU would be bad for his business and Britain.

post 11 June 2015
RBS sell-off, time to move on?

So George Osborne could sit there and continue to take the flak every time something goes wrong...

post 09 June 2015
Will Osborne back down over HSBC's bank levy concerns?

The timing of today┐s HSBC announcement couldn┐t be any more convenient - and there are signs that George Osborne may respond in a way that will please the bank.

post 08 June 2015
Confused by price comparison websites? You should be has to take down its savings page after Channel 4 investigation reveals it was only offering deals where it had a commercial link with the provider.

post 02 June 2015
Sepp Blatter to resign: what caused him to go?

Sepp Blatter, the embattled Fifa president has finally thrown in the towel. And tonight reports the New York Times that Blatter has been placed under investigation.

post 22 May 2015
Beds in sheds: is illegal immigration getting out of hand?

David Cameron chose the west London borough of Ealing to launch the government's latest crackdown on illegal immigrants.

post 12 May 2015
Sajid Javid brushes aside business concerns over EU referendum

Sajid Javid, the new Business Secretary appears to dismiss business concerns over a potential Brexit, saying the most important thing was to press ahead with a renegotiation and an in/out referendum.

post 28 April 2015
GDP slowdown - so are economists right to be optimistic?

A week before the general election and in the week when the Tories are stressing that the economy is safe in their hands, today's figures point to a marked slowdown.