Siobhan Kennedy , Business Editor

Siobhan Kennedy is the Business Editor, and her beat includes everything from industrial action and the long term impact of the recession to where growth is coming from in the economy.

Siobhan joined Channel 4 News in 2008, from The Times. As a newspaper reporter she worked as Politics and Business Correspondent, and before that the Mergers and Private Equity Correspondent. Before The Times, Siobhan worked for Reuters based in London and New York.

  • 25 Jan 2019

    You got yourselves into this mess, now it’s up to you to get yourselves out of it. That’s the gist of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar’s message to Britain when we asked him if he was willing to compromise over the Ireland backstop, which is supposed to prevent the return of a hard border after Brexit. Mr Varadkar…

  • 24 Jan 2019

    As we enter the last days before the next Brexit vote, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus has issued its starkest warning yet – saying it could move manufacturing out of the UK in the event of no deal. In Davos, the comments cast a shadow over a big business lunch, hosted by the Chancellor Phillip Hammond

  • 23 Jan 2019

    Amid global fragmentation, Angela Merkel’s speech at Davos was loaded with appeals to heal divisions. But does that extend to breaking the deadlock of Brexit? 

  • 22 Jan 2019

    The big beasts of the international business world are turning up at Davos in Switzerland for this year’s World Economic Forum.

  • 21 Jan 2019

    Politicians weren’t the only ones waiting for Theresa May to outline her Plan B. Business leaders who have complained of the corrosive effect of uncertainty were also hoping the PM would provide some clarity.

  • 19 Jan 2019

    With a no deal Brexit still the default option, there are fresh doubts about a ferry service the government wants to deliver emergency supplies. Seaborne Freight won a controversial £14 million contract to run a service between Ramsgate and Ostend. But on a visit to Ramsgate, the Mayor of Ostend told our Business Editor Siobhan…

  • 17 Jan 2019

    Ministers have now issued a formal notice calling up British army reservists to help cope with the impact of a no deal Brexit – with around 350 troops due to be deployed and more than 3,000 others on standby. And while the political impasse continues in Westminster, businesses are having to step up plans for…

  • 10 Jan 2019

    Britain’s biggest car maker has announced it will axe more than 4,000 jobs – and says Brexit is a factor in the decision. Most of the job cuts at Jaguar Land Rover will come from its UK workforce. The slump in demand for diesel cars and a slowdown in China have also been blamed. It’s…

  • 7 Jan 2019

    The government is still determined to get its version of Brexit through the Commons.  But at the same time, it says it’s got to prepare for all eventualities.  As part of that, today it had a trial run of what it calls Operation Brock, its plan to avoid lorry chaos in Kent if there is…

  • 29 Dec 2018

    News of no-deal ferry contracts slipped out by the government on Christmas Eve will come as no surprise to the shipping industry. Behind the scenes, under the strictures of government non-disclosure agreements, there has been fierce lobbying from ferry companies who were fearful that a government-run fleet would effectively undercut their businesses. The announcement of…

  • 19 Dec 2018

    Fourteen measures are being put in place, from flights over European territory to residency rights for British citizens, designed to protect EU nations from the fallout. In the UK, business leaders say they are “watching in horror” as politicians focus more on infighting than making proper plans for the future.

  • 18 Dec 2018

    The biggest customs firm inside Dover tells Channel 4 News that crashing out of Europe without a deal would create Armageddon for the U.K. – warning that Dover had no chance of being ready to cope with the millions of additional checks.

  • 28 Nov 2018

    The pound will crash, unemployment and inflation will soar and the UK economy could shrink by 8% – a worst-case scenario from the Bank of England.

  • 27 Nov 2018

    Our democratic institutions have been “upended by frat-boy billionaires from California” – the words of a Canadian politician who was hoping to question Mark Zuckerberg over data harvesting, privacy policies and fake news on Facebook.

  • 9 Nov 2018

    The economy has grown at its fastest rate since 2016, up 0.6 per cent in the three months to September. But Brexit uncertainty overshadowed the good news as business investment fell sharply. We have been speaking to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, who insisted there could be a Brexit deal by Christmas. But he warned the…