article 29 June 2015 UK
Anti-fracking demonstrators protest outside Lancashire County Hall
Fracking: Lancashire council rejects drilling application

Mining giant Cuadrilla is denied permission to start exploratory drilling and fracking at a site between Preston and Blackpool.

post 16 June 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Edward Snowden: publishing the position of the government?

To claim Russian and Chinese intelligence had cracked the encryption of Ed Snowden's files, without a scintilla of evidence and series of "we don't knows", is going some.

article 14 June 2015 World
Good morning Philae! Rosetta lander 'wakes up'

The Philae lander, thought lost after landing on comet seven months ago, has started transmitting signals confirms the European Space Agency (ESA).

article 11 June 2015 UK
#Distractinglysexy female scientists fight sexism on Twitter

After scientist Sir Tim Hunt says "girls" in labs can put male colleagues off their work, women scientists express their disapproval of his views using the ironic hashtag "distractingly sexy".

article 11 June 2015 Science, Italy
Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in the International Space Station (Nasa)
Meet Samantha Cristoforetti - record-breaking astronaut

Samantha Cristoforetti becomes the longest serving female astronaut in space after spending 200 days on the International Space Station and tells would-be scientists: "no dream is too big".

article 10 June 2015 Science
Scientist Tim Hunt (Getty)
Nobel scientist Tim Hunt criticised for chauvinist remarks

"Science needs women," says the Royal Society, after the widely-criticised pronouncements of Nobel prize-winning biochemist Sir Tim Hunt, who advocated single-sex labs to avoid "trouble with girls".

post 05 June 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Cyber attack: did a panda maul the US government?

The hacking of the details of 4 million US government employees suggests cyber criminals are hell-bent on hovering up as much information about Americans as they can.

article 01 June 2015 Science
Tom Clarke by Cancer breakthrough after 'spectacular' melanoma results

Experts have hailed a new era for cancer treatments after "spectacular" results were achieved in treating skin cancer by harnessing the body's immune system to attack malignant cells.

article 27 May 2015 UK
Cold sore
Cold sores: the new cure for skin cancer?

A new weapon in the fight against skin cancer is being championed by scientists, who say a landmark trial of a genetically-modified cold sore virus have yielded "exciting" results.