article 24 August 2014 World, Iceland
Earthquakes rock Iceland volcano

Iceland's Met Office reveal two earthquakes have shaken the Bardarbunga volcano, hours after authorities raise their warning for the aviation industry to red, signalling possible major disruptions.

article 24 August 2014 UK, Sierra Leone
Ebola Briton to fly to the UK

A Briton infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone is being evacuated to the UK, the African country's health ministry says.

article 21 August 2014 World, Guinea
Dr Kent Brantly survives Ebola.
'Today is a miraculous day' says Ebola surviving doctor

Two US aid workers beat Ebola thanks to an experimental drug, giving renewed hope in the fight to contain the outbreak behind more than 1,400 deaths in Africa.

post 20 August 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog How long did neanderthals rub shoulders with our ancestors?

Neanderthals and humans definitely got together. Around 2 per cent of our genome is 'neanderthal' DNA.

post 18 August 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Obesity crisis: sorting the 'fat' from the fiction

An intellectual punch-up is brewing in the medical community, as a think tank says it is not eating too much that causes obesity, but lack of exercise - something some doctors call "laughable".

video 15 August 2014 World

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GoT writer George RR Martin: 'I feel pressure all the time'

George RR Martin speaks to Boya Dee about the controversy over the lack of gay sex in his books, pressure from fans to get the next book out - and who exactly inspired his famous character Jon Snow...

article 15 August 2014 World
by Watch out London: the geeks are coming

This year's Worldcon is the biggest ever, with 10,000 sci-fi fans coming to London. But with shows like Game of Thrones getting cult status (and investment to match) geeks are coming in from the cold.

post 15 August 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The perils of not owning your mobile phone

Got your phone? It's in your bag, right? Along with all the other things you own. Not quite: in fact, the vast majority of us don't actually own our phones at all, we rent them.

article 12 August 2014 World
Bring a nighttime deckchair - the Perseids are here

The Perseids meteor shower is at its brightest on Tuesday night. Astrophysicist Nigel Henbest explains how they were discovered, why they are so bright, and and how best to watch them.