article 26 February 2015 Science
Lost your head? Scientist plans first human head transplant

A radical plan for transplanting a head onto someone else's body could happen by 2017, a scientist claims.

post 25 February 2015
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Computers learning to play video games: why it matters

UK researchers have created a programme capable of playing a large number of computer games, looking only at the information on the screen.

article 24 February 2015 UK
Let them eat nuts - and five other food fad U-turns

Eating peanut products at a young age dramatically cuts the risk of allergy, research suggests. Here are five other food studies that busted public opinion.

post 20 February 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Phone employees in GCHQ's sights

According to the latest Snowden claims, British spies can hack into your personal and work email, hack sales team records for customer information and then later hide their trails. All all of this is

post 17 February 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The porn dilemma facing Twitter

Twitter faces a porn dilemma: introduce age controls and force every user to re-register, or ban porn from the site and monitor as many as 25 million images a day.

post 17 February 2015
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog How feasible is a mission to settle Mars?

There is no supersaver return option for Mars. Restrictions of weight and cost would make a "Mars return" mission very expensive indeed.

article 16 February 2015 World, China
Can world powers really control the weather?

A leading climate scientist says the CIA approached him to ask for information on how to disrupt the weather.

article 13 February 2015 UK
'Digital dark age' will leave little clue on how we lived

The early 21st century could be lost in an information black hole with much of the detail about how we lived our lives locked in inaccessible systems, internet pioneer Vint Cerg has warned.

video 12 February 2015 Science

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SpaceX launches deep 'space weather' satellite - video

Private US space company, SpaceX, launches an observatory inspired by former US Vice President Al Gore. The unmanned Falcon rocket blasted off towards a solar-storm lookout point a million miles away.