article 24 October 2014 UK
Ashya's father: 'We don't feel safe going back to England'

Brett King says his family will not be returning to the UK "at the moment" following his five-year-old son Ashya's treatment for a brain tumour in Prague.

video 23 October 2014 World

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Ebola survivors shunned by communities in fear

The overwhelming joy of Ebola survivors is being undermined by the stigma they face in the communities they return to. Science Editor Tom Clarke reports from Sierra Leone on the cruelty of Ebola.

article 21 October 2014 UK
Do the media talk down to teenagers over drugs?

As a study suggests teenage cannabis users risk "impairing" their educational ability, a leading researcher claims young people are being let down by media reporting on the dangers of drugs.

post 17 October 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Whisper it quietly: who can you trust online?

The reason so many online services are free is because they are selling your data out the back door: to advertising agencies or, in the case of Whisper, to websites like Buzzfeed.

post 17 October 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology How your desk is a jackpot for spies...

The humble desk has a double life. On the one hand it is home to coffee rings and chewed biros. On the other, it is a window spies can use to access your private information. So how safe are you?

post 13 October 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Snapchat: what your kids need to know

The leaking of thousands of Snapchat users' photos online gives parents a valuable opportunity to talk to their kids about privacy.

article 11 October 2014 UK
What a 'national exercise' to tackle Ebola looks like

Eight hours, volunteer actors in Newcastle and Hillingdon, a shopping centre, several ministers and wardrobes full of protective clothing - a test-run of how the UK would cope with an Ebola case.

post 10 October 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog On the front line of Britain's response to Ebola

Porton Down is where blood samples from suspected UK Ebola cases are sent - and the lab staff are the busiest they've ever been.

article 08 October 2014 UK
Ebola patient Thomas Duncan dies in the US

The first person diagnosed with Ebola outside Africa, Thomas Duncan, dies at a Dallas hospital, as the British government announces it is sending 750 military personnel to west Africa.