post 17 December 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The hack, the film, its studio and North Korea - are they related?

As a cinema chain opts not to screen a movie about North Korea, over "terror threats", can a cyber attack on the studio that made it really be traced back to the secretive nation?

article 17 December 2014 World, United States
AGU conference
Climate scientists' biggest test: communication

Climate change scientists in San Francisco face their toughest test yet, as they try to find ways to convince the public of the need to act on their bleak findings.

article 14 December 2014 World
New climate change plan agreed by over 190 nations

The world's worst polluters agree to a new plan to tackle climate change, but some environmental campaigners are scathing about the deal.

article 14 December 2014 World
Geminid meteor shower in Macedonia
Last night of the Geminid: how to view meteor shower - video

Sky-watchers brave freezing temperatures to enjoy a celestial firework display as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reached its fiery peak.

video 12 December 2014 UK

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March of the drones: are they getting out of hand? - video

A drone came within 20 feet of an airliner landing at Heathrow this summer, and they have become this year's must-have Christmas gift. Are we ready for the drone era?

post 10 December 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Rosetta latest: water brought to Earth by asteroids, not comets

The first major finding from the Rosetta mission that landed on a comet last month is that the theory that comets brought water to Earth probably doesn't hold water after all.

article 09 December 2014 UK
Man eating pizza
Could eating pizza give you your 'five a day'?

A move by Public Health England to broaden the definition of a "five a day" portion of food has people wondering whether it could include "composite" meals like pizza.

article 08 December 2014 UK
Air pollution
'Build schools away from pollution hotspots'

A ban on building schools, hospitals and care homes next to major roads must be introduced to help cut thousands of deaths estimated to have been caused by air pollution, MPs say.

article 07 December 2014 UK
Could your Christmas drone land you in hot water?

Air safety chiefs are investigating the first near-miss between a passenger jet and a drone near Heathrow. As many get ready to unwrap the must-have present, we ask: what are your rights?