Keme Nzerem

Sports Correspondent
Keme Nzerem is Sports Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Keme Nzerem is Sports Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Sport is about so much more than winning and losing. It's a window onto the world, and a great vantage point to look at the social issues that affect the lives of millions of people - in Britain and across the globe.

Since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa I've led the sports coverage for Channel 4 News. I've reported extensively on the Paralympics and their legacy; racism in football - here in the UK and notably during the 2012 European Championship; the Tour de France and doping; and the rise of Russia as a global sporting power. And I've interviewed some of the biggest names in world sport: from global icons such as Usain Bolt, David Beckham and Mo Farah - to new stars such as the boxer Nicola Adams and sprinter Jonnie Peacock.

When not reporting sports stories, you may see me presenting Channel 4 News' noon bulletin.

While running Channel 4 News' Washington Buro (2005 - 2007) I covered Hurricane Katrina, and the politics behind the Iraq war - including an exclusive behind the scenes visit to Guantanamo Bay. I returned to the USA for Barak Obama's historic Presidential run in 2008.

A story I narrated about the Iraq war 'surge' won the RTS foreign news award in 2007. I covered the Soham trial as a producer on our Home Affairs unit in 2003.

And I joined the team as a sports producer in 2001.


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The 13-strong men's Ashes squad taking on the Aussies tomorrow contains seven state-educated players, just over 50 per cent, yet the proportion of children in state education - 93 per cent.

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The deafening silence from coach Alberto Salazar after accusations that he encouraged athletes to dope leaves Mo Farah exposed to something almost as damaging as guilt itself.

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Mo Farah: do two missed dope tests really prove anything?

The fact that Mo Farah missed two doping tests proves nothing. But given the fact that eyebrows have been raised for decades about Alberto Salazar's methods, why was he sent to Oregon?

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World Cup corruption probe 'will take longer than 90 minutes'

If corruption is indeed proven, the vote could be nullified. So where would that leave Russia and Qatar?

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Among those who've travelled out to help with the aid effort in Nepal is a group of Gurkha engineers from Britain.

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Voting with learning disabilities - lifting the barriers

They are voters determined to hold their MPs to account - but too often they can't. Britons with learning disabilities rarely vote, and are sometimes even illegally barred from doing so. Why?

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Doping in cycling: the key questions

The independent commission - set up by the International Cycling Union (UCI) to investigate doping - finds Lance Armstrong was given preferential treatment by the sport's governing body.

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The tragic consequences of one cyclist running a red light

"Do not take risks - think of your family". The widow of a cyclist killed by a truck after they had both jumped a red light, tells Channel 4 News about the tragic aftermath for all involved.

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Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn't load after a few seconds you may need to have Adobe Flash installed.

Ched Evans saga rumbles on - video

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