article 25 March 2015 UK
Jeremy Clarkson: how the Top Gear scandal unfolded

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's contract will not be renewed by the BBC, following an investigation into an alleged "fracas" with a producer.

article 25 March 2015 UK
Jeremy Clarkson's contract will not be renewed by BBC

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's contract will not be renewed after a BBC investigation finds he launched an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" on a producer.

post 24 March 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog How to live to 100: 'Everything in moderation'

One of the greatest trial lawyers of the 20th, Lord Jeremy Hutchinson will be 100 years old on Saturday.century. He says his longevity is the result of a life of moderation.

post 23 March 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greece: Tsipras meets Merkel for eurozone crisis talks

It's the meeting that had to happen. A radical left-wing Greek prime minister and a centre-right German chancellor whose ministers have been urging her to throw Greece out of the eurozone.

article 20 March 2015 UK
Clive James: 'Worrying about death is an indulgence'

The terminally ill author and broadcaster Clive James tells Billie Porter he's "too busy watching Game of Thrones" to worry about death.

article 19 March 2015 Politics
Singer Paloma Faith (Dai Baker)
'Russell Brand is wrong.. we need to vote' - Paloma Faith

Singer Paloma Faith says the anti-politics message of comedian Russell Brand is "irresponsible" because "the powerful will always vote". She talks to Channel 4 News about power, music and sexuality.

article 17 March 2015 World, Spain
Don Quixote author Cervantes remains 'found'

Investigators in Spain believe they have found the remains of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of the classic Spanish novel Don Quixote de la Mancha.

post 16 March 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog On the front line of Islamic State's war on history

Graffiti sprayed last year on the ruins of Cyrene, in Libya, reads: "Destroy the Idols". Islamists, including Islamic State militants, see such pre-Islamic structures as sacrilege.

article 15 March 2015 World
Michael Winterbottom: forgotten story of Meredith Kercher

The British film director Michael Winterbottom has never shied away from difficult subjects and his latest film, based on the murder of the British student Meredith Kercher, is no exception.