article 16 April 2014 Culture, Germany
Wolfgang Beltracchi at work
Paraic O'Brien by Portrait of the artist as a conman

Until he was exposed by using an incorrect pigment, Wolfgang Beltracchi was the world's most successful art forger. Channel 4 News meets the man whose forgeries are now valuable in their own right.

article 16 April 2014 Culture
Beardy men, be warned: 'peak beard' is fast approaching

Just as the beard has edged its way back into the mainstream, scientists issue a "peak beard" warning to the male of the species. But are too many beards a turn-off? You be the judge.

article 15 April 2014 UK
Hillsborough memorial remembers 96 victims 25 years on

A memorial service marks 25 years since the Hillsborough disaster claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool football fans.

video 14 April 2014 World, France

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Juliette Binoche on art, family and saving the world - video

Actress Juliette Binoche, speaking last month about her new film A Thousand Times Goodnight, says she lives with the dilemma of "wanting to change the world" at the same time as having a family.

article 12 April 2014 UK
Darshna Soni by Divided by faith: inside the segregated Madani schools

Home Affairs Correspondent Darshna Soni gains exclusive access to the Madani Federation in Leicester criticised for gender segregation in school.

article 11 April 2014 UK, Nigeria
Controversial 'witch hunter' Helen Ukpabio comes to London

A controversial Evangelical Christian and "witch hunter" arrives in the UK in the hope of performing exorcisms on children. But in Nigeria witch scares have resulted in violence, torture and death.

article 11 April 2014 UK
Adrian Mole
Dear Sue Townsend, love Adrian Mole (via Ian McMillan)

"Sue Townsend, you made me..." Writer Ian McMillan pens a tribute poem from Adrian Mole (aged 58) to his novelist creator, who died on Thursday, aged 68.

article 11 April 2014 UK
Sue Townsend, who has died aged 68 (picture: Getty)
Adrian Mole author Sue Townsend dies, aged 68

Sue Townsend, best known as the author of the Adrian Mole series of books, has died, a family friend says.

article 10 April 2014 UK
Cathy Newman by Sexual harassment culture in parliament exposed

Channel 4 News has been investigating sexual harassment in parliament. We spoke to 70 people hailing from all political parties and found this is something that's really part of the fabric.