article 31 August 2015 Culture
US horror film director Wes Craven dies

Hollywood film director Wes Craven, best known for his horror films A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last House on the Left, and the Scream movies, dies aged 76.

article 30 August 2015 World
Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks dies aged 82

The eminent writer and neurologist has died of cancer at his home in New York. He was 82.

article 20 August 2015 UK
Krishnan Guru-Murthy by Banksy's Dismaland park: shocking, funny, extraordinary

Clandestine street artist Banksy opens a theme park like no other. Inside a derelict lido in Weston-super-Mare, Dismaland features migrant boats, a dead princess and Banksy's trademark dark humour.

article 10 August 2015 UK
Andy Davies by The crowdfunding choir of Blaenavon

A Welsh male voice choir is crowdfunding a documentary about its efforts to secure the group's survival.

article 10 August 2015 UK
Benedict Cumberbatch tells fans not to film Hamlet

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch pleads with fans not to film his performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Barbican theatre in London.

article 02 August 2015 Culture
Cilla Black in 2014 (Getty)
Stars pay tribute to Cilla Black

The world of showbiz is in mourning as singer, TV presenter and entertainer Cilla Black dies at the age of 72.

article 29 July 2015 Culture, Venezuela
Venezuela's hospitals on life support

Venezuela's hospitals are in disarray. Betty Zapata reports on a country where inflation is forcing doctors' salaries below $10 a month and patients are forced to buy life-saving drugs on the street

article 17 July 2015 Culture
A boy takes a sweet at an Eid celebration in Rotterdam (Getty)
Jamal Osman by Eid relief for Europe's Muslims after long, hot Ramadan

This has been one of the longest and toughest holy months for Muslims living in Europe, with some fasting 20 hours a day in the summer heat.

article 15 July 2015 UK
BBC Trust Chairman Rona Fairhead
Rona Fairhead: 'interference has chilling effect on BBC'

BBC Trust Chairman Rona Fairhead says any perception that there is "political interference" in the way the corporation is run risks "having a chilling effect" on it.