article 17 November 2015 UK, France
Jordan Jarrett-Bryan by England v France: match is a symbol of cultural diversity

Sometimes events pop up at the most awkward times, but tonight's football match between "enemies" England and France couldn't be more convenient - the perfect antidote to the weekend's terror attacks.

video 15 November 2015 World, France

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Placido Domingo leads tribute performance to Paris victims

Placido Domingo led a performance of La Marseillaise at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, as thousands around the world joined in solidarity with the French people following the attacks in Paris.

article 23 October 2015 Culture
First successful test of hydrogen bomb by the Americans in 1952
Revealed: the secret world of Cold War Britain

The Kray twins, Bond-style spy capers, scandalous MPs and the threat of imminent nuclear destruction all feature in previously classified documents from the 1950s released by the National Archives.

video 18 October 2015 UK

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New school guidelines to tackle gender stereotypes

New guidelines to help reduce gender stereotyping and cut down on "sexist" terms such "man up" "sissy" are to be sent to schools this week.

article 14 October 2015 UK, United States
Man Booker Prize winner Marlon James 'in exile' from Jamaica

Marlon James, whose first novel was rejected 70 times, fled Jamaica fearing persecution for being gay. Now he has become the first Jamaican to win the Man Booker Prize.

article 05 October 2015 World, Syria
Palmyra: Arch of Triumph destroyed by IS

The director of Syrian antiquities tells Channel 4 News Russia and the US should work together to save Palmyra, where Islamic State extremists have destroyed a 2,000-year-old Roman arch.

article 10 September 2015 UK, Germany
German football team
Will English football fans welcome refugees with banners?

The Premier League returns this weekend after a short break. Will supporters in the top flight of English football mirror their German counterparts and embrace refugees with supportive banners?

article 09 September 2015 UK
Royal Vauxhall Tavern: famous gay pub given listed status

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London has been made a listed building following a campaign by Sir Ian McKellen and Paul O'Grady, a move protecting the UKs oldest gay pub from redevelopment.

article 07 September 2015 Politics
Lord Hall (Getty)
BBC to share resources with rivals

The corporation will work together with other media and cultural institutions as part of a drive to create a more "open BBC", director general Lord Hall says.