Ciaran Jenkins

North of England Correspondent
Ciaran Jenkins is the North of England Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Ciaran Jenkins is the North of England Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Ciaran Jenkins is currently based in Manchester, reporting from across the North of England.

He covers a wide range of stories, from home and social affairs to sport and technology. He has reported exclusively for Channel 4 News on international phone hacking scams and police racism.

Ciaran joined Channel 4 News in 2012 from the BBC, where he had specialised in politics and then education. During his time at the BBC he broke a series of exclusives on bogus academics and visa fraud, for which he won a number of awards.


article 04 September 2015 UK
Can I take in a Syrian refugee?

From Bob Geldof to bishops and MPs, people have been rushing to offer a place in their homes to Syrian refugees.

article 01 May 2015 UK
Sir Norman Bettison
Hillsborough: Bettison confronts 'cover-up' allegations

Former police chief Sir Norman Bettison chokes back his emotions as he tells the Hillsborough inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters that he was blamed for a cover-up to smear fans.

article 13 March 2015 UK
Julia Kelly, who committed suicide when threatened with possible withdrawal of her benefits
Benefits removal fear 'was trigger for woman's suicide'

As a coroner says the upset caused by the potential withdrawal of benefits triggered the suicide of Julia Kelly, Channel 4 News looks at the wider impact of benefit changes on vulnerable claimants.

article 26 February 2015 UK
Has 'bedroom tax' killed off this Durham community?

Our report from the County Durham village which residents say is "like Beirut" has raised many questions. Channel 4 News North of England Correspondent Ciaran Jenkins has some of the answers.

article 25 February 2015 UK
'It's like Beirut': the town where homes are on sale for 1

This is Horden, County Durham. Once a thriving mining community. Now emptied of jobs, and increasingly of the people who gave it life and soul.

article 18 February 2015 UK
How I lost my daughter after taking her abroad for treatment

Mary Kidson was cleared last year of poisoning her daughter after taking her to Belgium for medical treatment - but despite the landmark ruling they have yet to be reunited. Ciaran Jenkins met her.

article 10 February 2015 UK
'Unanswered questions' over death of disabled young man

In his mother's words, Thomas Rawnsley was "a little bundle of joy", but his death last week has prompted an investigation amid safeguarding concerns.

video 07 February 2015 Culture

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Lynda Benglis: scenes of a sexual nature - video

In 1973 Lynda Benglis put her body at the centre of her work, earning her world renown, or notoriety. Ahead of her first retrospective in the UK, Channel 4 News asks: is it still shocking?

article 04 February 2015 UK
Rotherham council: 'tell us what's been going on?'

Ciaran Jenkins attempts to question the former Rotherham council leader Paul Lakin over the damning child sex abuse report.

article 29 January 2015 UK, Syria
Syrian refugee crisis: Britain isn't helping

As the civil war in Syria nears its fourth bloody year, the country's refugee crisis shows no signs of slowing. More than half of the country's pre-war population is estimated to have been displaced.

article 16 January 2015 UK
Row as police forced to drive patients to A&E

Police officers in north east England are being forced to rush patients to A&E because ambulances are not available.

article 04 December 2014 UK
The hidden homeless: Britain's young sofa surfer surge

Thousands of young people across Britain have no home and are left moving from couch to couch just to stay off the streets, Ciaran Jenkins investigates the sofa surfing generation.

article 30 October 2014 UK
Support worker Angela Lawrence
Sexual exploitation: 'it shouldn't be normal, but it is'

As Manchester teenagers tell Channel 4 News that sexual exploitation is all too commonplace in their life experience, support workers tell of their anger at the lack of urgency in tackling the issue.

article 30 October 2014 UK
'We always hear stories of friends being sexually abused'

Three teenagers explain to Channel 4 News that sexual exploitation in Manchester is "the norm" and that it's spoken about openly amongst friends.

article 29 October 2014 UK
Child sexual exploitation became 'the norm' in Manchester

A report to be released on Thursday claims that sexual exploitation of children was so rife - it became "the norm" in parts of Greater Manchester.

article 22 October 2014 UK
Ched Evans says he's learned a lesson - but has he?

As Ched Evans releases a statement denying rape, Charlie Webster - a patron of his former club Sheffield United and a sexual assault victim - asks what, exactly, he has learned.

video 17 October 2014 UK

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Convicted rapist Ched Evans released from prison - video

Ched Evans, the footballer convicted of rape, has been freed from prison on licence. Around 150,000 people have signed a petition asking his former club Sheffield United not to re-sign the player.

article 10 October 2014 UK
Liz McInnes
Heywood by-election win poses more questions for Labour

Labour held on to the seat of Heywood and Middleton - but its majority was reduced to 617, prompting more questions about the leadership of Ed Miliband.

video 08 October 2014 UK

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Is healthy food too expensive? - video

We're constantly bombarded with warnings about eating healthily - but new research shows that healthy foods are three times more expensive per calorie than junk options.