Alex Thomson

Chief Correspondent
Alex Thomson is Chief Correspondent at Channel 4 News.

Alex is the longest-serving on-screen journalist on C4 News since the channel began. In more than 25 years he's covered over 20 wars; led major investigations and continues to front the programme from around the world.

His journalism has won several BAFTA and EMMY awards; two New York Film and TV Awards and in 2011/12 he was named TV Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society.

He's written two books about the 1991 Gulf War and a travelogue about cycling across India.

He has been External Examiner at Cardiff and currently Bournemouth Schools of Journalism and is Honorary Fellow in Journalism at Falmouth School of Journalism.


post 02 September 2015
Could straight-talking Jezza Corbyn take on the SNP?

The Sturgeonator v Jezza, the stillettoes v the vest - it should be quite a scrap.

post 28 August 2015
Glasgow bin lorry inquiry: 'remarkable lack of compassion'

Tonight in Glasgow and beyond  all the signs are that this painful and tragic accident will remain painful and unresolved in the minds of many, forever. Perhaps this is because although the fatal a

post 19 August 2015
Palmyra's Khaled Asaad: 'I was born here, I will die here'

A colleague in Damascus has spoken to his family, who explained how they feel he was betrayed by 'neighbours'.

post 10 August 2015
How football is tarnished and damaged by ignoring free speech

Gratifyingly, with the new season and the new rash of clubs busy censoring the media, the Great Banning Debate is now very much alive. Good.

post 07 August 2015
Why banning football journalists makes the beautiful game ugly

Football clubs across the UK are banning reporters from their stadiums because they don't like what's being reported. Nowhere else in British public life is this tolerated.

post 04 August 2015
How can it be normal to ban journalists from the football?

There are football clubs in England and Scotland who feel it is perfectly normal to ban any journalist guilty of perpetrating journalism they disapprove of.

post 13 July 2015
EU hopes what Alexis agreed, Athens will enact

Juncker and Merkel saying early today they are confident Athens will do as it is told and as its own leader has negotiated, but the scale of the Greek PM's U-turn remains breath-taking.

post 12 July 2015
Greece crisis: eurozone demands action, not words

"The most important currency has been lost," remarked a rueful Angela Merkel on her way into the Eurozone talks today, "and that is trust."

post 12 July 2015
Greek crisis: an issue of "conditionality" (trust)

It is every bit as much about trust as about economics now. Of course, this being Brussels and this being the EU, nobody would ever use a word as straightforward as "trust".

post 07 July 2015
7/7 : contemplation after a terrifying and confused day

Seeing our camera and tripod, tourists around St Paul's and Aldgate constantly approach to ask what is going on. No need for any inquiries a decade ago as the streets fell empty.

post 06 July 2015
Srebrenica massacre: the unfinished business

Nedzad Avdic survived the Srebrenica massacre that took the lives of 8,000 men and boys. In Serbia, denying his experience is the official policy in and out of schools.

post 01 July 2015
Heatwave? It's all Johnny Foreigner's fault!

The tabs rave about hot air coming maliciously in 'from the continent' where 'continental air pollution' will be dragged here resulting in the current mass death threat.

post 18 June 2015
Syria's remaining hospitals under bombardment

It appears that the already severely degraded medical services available to civilians in Syria are diminishing fast under assault from barrel bombs.

post 15 June 2015
Magna Carta was about money - it wasn't about a 'law for all'

A bunch of noblemen fed up with tax hikes under King John was the motive for the Magna Carter, not some overarching need to make the law work for all.

post 29 May 2015
Denis O'Brien injunction: what damage to Irish democracy?

It is fundamental. It is the bedrock of any society claiming to be democratic. And in the Republic of Ireland it has been wiped away at a stroke.

post 20 May 2015
Hatton Garden heist: two Brians and a building site

"You'd have vans coming and going at all hours," says one elderly neighbour, looking out at the manor of Brians Reader - Senior and Junior - now cordoned by blue and white police tape.

post 09 May 2015
Nicola Sturgeon: my 56 MPs will fight to end austerity

Below the Forth railway bridge, in front of her 56 Westminster MPs, Nicola Queen of Scots pledges to fight austerity - and fails to mention "independence" or "referendum".

post 08 May 2015
When will English politicians understand Scotland and the SNP?

How much longer does the English political establishment go on not only not getting it - but demonstrating with toe-curling embarrassment that they simply don't get it.

post 08 May 2015
Feeling threatened? Insults fired at the SNP

More insults raining down on the SNP tonight with the Labour hopeful in Glasgow South calling the party a "cult". Curious for any person defending a 10,000+ "safe seat" to say that because it sounds l