Alex Thomson

Chief Correspondent
Alex Thomson is Chief Correspondent at Channel 4 News.

Alex is the longest-serving on-screen journalist on C4 News since the channel began. In more than 25 years he's covered over 20 wars; led major investigations and continues to front the programme from around the world.

His journalism has won several BAFTA and EMMY awards; two New York Film and TV Awards and in 2011/12 he was named TV Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society.

He's written two books about the 1991 Gulf War and a travelogue about cycling across India.

He has been External Examiner at Cardiff and currently Bournemouth Schools of Journalism and is Honorary Fellow in Journalism at Falmouth School of Journalism.


video 18 July 2014 UK

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Hot? Don't panic: Alex Thomson has some handy tips

Frazzled by the heat? Forgotten how to look after yourself as sweat drips into your eyes? Let our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson help you out, in this not-entirely-serious piece.

post 17 July 2014
Hot weather warning: more like a load of hot air

Summer happens. Get over it. Surely we don't need safety advice for normal weather events?

post 15 July 2014
Don't bet the farm on peace in Afghanistan

This is precisely the kind of act guaranteed to wipe the gloss of the weekend euphoria as US Secretary of State John Kerry flew in to Kabul to broker a deal between arch-rivals.

post 11 July 2014
In Afghanistan, the insurgents are resurgent

A 24 per cent spike in civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the first half of 2014 suggests the Taliban and other insurgent groups are on the march again.

post 10 July 2014
Rangers, tax and 'no surrender'?

You can't really complain about a shadow over Rangers and the effect on the club's value when the club itself has broken the rules.

post 08 July 2014
Does civil war loom after Afghanistan elections?

We were supposed to leave Afghanistan with some kind of credible military forces to stop all this from happening. That does not look very credible.

post 08 July 2014
As a democratic spectacle, nothing comes close to the Tour

Going to the Tour de France as a spectator is all about everything Big Sport left behind when it decided to become Big Business.

post 03 July 2014
Alastair Campbell: Egypt hasn't paid me a penny

Tony Blair's former spin doctor denies taking money from the Sisi regime, but insists the west must engage with Egypt.

post 02 July 2014
The Blair-Sisi Project

Tony Blair's people insist he will earn no money from his advising of "President" Sisi of Egypt, who seized power in the recent coup and sealed it in a phony election.

post 25 June 2014
It's not just phones that have been hacked, it's British power

It has been called the Trial of the Century and cost millions of pounds. But the phone hacking trial also raises serious questions about our political system.

video 13 June 2014 UK, Iraq

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The British connection to Isis? - video

A British man fighting with Isis in Syria has conducted a lengthy interview with two freelance American journalists for an internet podcast in which he explains why he is fighting for a "caliphate".

post 23 May 2014
Four things to note about this Ukip-dominated election

The main parties have been running scared of what Ukip has to say. Hopefully, these election results will encourage a new atmosphere of real debate.

post 15 May 2014
Turkey: Erdogan remains defiant over Soma protest

For a man proposing to stand in August for election as president of Turkey, the past 24 hours are a mighty embarrassment for Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

post 15 May 2014
Turkey: grief and anger met with contempt and thuggery

After the deaths of over 280 miners, a senior adviser to Turkish PM Erdogan is caught on camera kicking a protester against the government's record on mine safety, provoking yet more anger.

post 12 May 2014
Ukraine rebels: 'We are now in civil war with Kiev'

Apocalyptic rain soaks Donetsk from dawn on Monday as people awake wondering quite what has actually dawned here.

post 11 May 2014
Eastern Ukraine: the DIY referendum

In Donetsk, eager crowds vote on independence from Kiev. The clear plastic ballot boxes make it easy to see which way most people are going.

post 11 May 2014
In Eastern Ukraine, a referendum...but not as we know it

The world is ranged against it. It has achieved the hitherto impossible feat of uniting Kiev and Moscow in agreement. But the Donetsk referendum is going ahead.

post 10 May 2014
Mariupol: "It is civil war"

After deadly gun battles in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, residents are manning barricades and waiting to see what Ukrainian forces do next.

post 09 May 2014
Bodies and fire on the streets of Mariupol

Smoke fills the air and bodies line the streets as Ukrainian soldiers unleash their guns against pro-Russians in Mariupol.