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...our 4Viewers site. It's just as it sounds - a site for our viewers. This is the place to come if you want to contact us, get answers to frequently asked questions, find help and support organisations or learn more about our policies and Viewer Promise (which explains our principles about how we collect and use data). The Info and Opinions page features responses to feedback or questions from our viewers, as well as a listing of the competitions that are currently running across the website, whilst the Blog page will keep you up to speed with the latest viewer-related activity from Channel 4.

Our Viewer Promise

At Channel 4, we believe that knowing more about you, our viewers, will help us give you more of the programming and services you love.

However, we want to be clear about how we collect this information, what exactly we collect, and what we do with it.

To introduce our Viewer Promise, here's a straight-talking Mr Alan Carr to give you the headlines. And, if you want more details, please visit our Viewer Promise section.

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Competitions and Info

Featuring questions, queries and comments around Channel 4's programmes and platforms. As well as a listing of the competitions that are running across the website this week. CLICK HERE

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