• 15 Oct 2022

    Officials say 41 people have been killed after an explosion at a coal mine in northern Turkey. 

  • 16 Aug 2022

    For days this programme has been reporting on the plight of 39 refugees including sick children and a pregnant woman who were stranded on an islet along the Greek-Turkish border. 

  • 25 Mar 2021

    Turkey has chosen the Chinese vaccine – rather than western alternatives – as its main weapon against Covid. Yet the Turks are also hosting tens of thousands of exiled Uighurs – and both issues were discussed when China’s foreign minister visited Turkey today. China denies using vaccine deliveries as political leverage, but many Uighurs are…

  • 9 Nov 2020

    As congratulations to Joe Biden flooded in from around the world, there were exceptions – Russia, China and Turkey are yet to recognise the election result. From rejoining the Iran nuclear deal to dealing with nuclear-armed North Korea, the president-elect has his work cut out.

  • 30 Oct 2020

    Rescue teams are working through the night searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake hit Turkey and Greece, killing at least 14 people.

  • 24 Jul 2020

    President Erdogan of Turkey has joined huge crowds in Istanbul, for the first Friday prayers at Hagia Sophia since the 1,500-year-old former church was turned back into a mosque.

  • 24 Jun 2019

    When Turkey’s President Erdogan and his ruling party lost control of Istanbul, the result was cancelled and a re-run was ordered. Last night, voters gave their verdict on the President’s autocratic rule in emphatic style. March’s narrow 13,000 vote victory for the opposition was transformed into a far larger majority of more than three quarters of a…

  • 22 Jun 2018

    The Brexit campaign had its own Project Fear, of course – it was the prospect of Turkey joining the EU and millions of Turks freely coming to Britain. Turkey has had a huge refugee influx from Syria, immigration that has its own effect on politics there. This weekend, Turkey votes in an election that could…

  • 27 Nov 2017

    An interview with Gulnur Aybet, senior advisor to President Erdogan of Turkey.

  • 15 Jul 2017

    Turkey is holding a series of events to mark the first anniversary of a failed coup, in which at least 260 people died. President Erdogan will unveil a memorial on Istanbul’s Bosphorous bridge, where protestors resisted the efforts of an army faction trying to drive the Government and the President from power. In the continuing…

  • 16 Apr 2017

    Turkey’s president is claiming victory tonight in his country’s referendum to award him sweeping new powers.

  • 13 Mar 2017

    Brexit isn’t Europe’s only headache, as tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands spread beyond their borders. In the last hour, Turkey’s President Erdogan has weighed in again, declaring his ministers will apply to the European human rights court after they were banned from entering the Netherlands to hold rallies.

  • 16 Feb 2017

    Elif Shafak is a household name in Turkey, where she is one of the country’s most widely read and controversial authors. Her writing has defended minorities. At one stage she was prosecuted by the government. But above all she is fascinated by the struggle for Turkey’s soul between the religious and the secular. This is…

  • 28 Jan 2017

    Theresa May has said America’s ban on refugees is a matter for Washington. On a visit to Turkey she no less controversially confirmed that the British Government will help to build a new generation of fighter jets for the Turks. Our Political Editor Gary Gibbon was there.

  • 13 Jan 2017

    It’s across countries such as Greece, Italy, Serbia and Turkey where the cold snap is causing the most suffering.