• Published on 10 Apr 2017 Sections France, Politics, World

    With a quarter of French young people unemployed, support for the National Front has doubled among youngsters in five years. Many are attracted by Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant and strong nationalist message.

  • Published on 25 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    While Ukip insists it will carry on regardless despite Mr Carswell’s departure – thousands of people have taken to the streets across Europe to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Union. Including a march through London protesting against Brexit.

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Article 50: what will the letter say?

    One veteran of the No campaign in 2014 said he thought this time round there should be more made of the “please don’t leave us” emotional stuff that is believed to have helped to tip the balance in the second Quebec referendum.

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    What about the other side of the debate? Not so much Britain in Europe, but Europeans in Britain. Some no longer feel welcome. Others feel insecure, uncertain whether there will still be a place for them after Brexit. Worried that  everything they’ve already invested here could suddenly be at risk.  

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Two former cabinet ministers in the last coalition government who take different sides of the Brexit argument: former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, and former Northern Ireland secretary, Theresa Villiers.

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections UK

    In the last half hour, MPs have voted to overturn an amendment which was designed to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living here. Peers had backed it, but the Commons defeated the move by a majority of 48. And then MPs also threw out a second amendment which would have given Parliament a “meaningful…

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, Scotland, UK, World

    This moment could mark not just the beginning of the Brexit process, but the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she’s preparing to hold another independence vote, declaring it is the only way to protect Scottish interests after Brexit.

  • Published on 13 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Nicola Sturgeon calls the Prime Minister’s bluff. As the UK gambles on leaving one union, Scotland’s first minister stakes all on quitting the other.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Canada, World

    Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has hailed a controversial trade deal with the EU, saying the world would benefit from a stronger Europe. We speak to Canadian High Commissioner to the UK Janice Charette and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

  • Published on 1 Feb 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    It’s all happening as we speak. MPs are voting right now on the bill which will allow the Government to start formal talks leading to the Brexit process.

  • Published on 31 Jan 2017 Sections Politics, Sweden, UK, United States

    Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt.

  • Published on 19 Dec 2016 Sections Australia, UK

    We speak with Australia’s High Commissioner Alexander Downer, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and French political commentator Agnes Poirier about the merits and drawbacks of doing deals in a post-Brexit world.

  • Published on 19 Dec 2016 Sections UK

    If the world’s major institutions are looking distinctly creaky, so too is the European Union, heading for an uncertain future after Brexit. Britain’s hopes of forging new, independent relationships with the rest of the world were given a boost by Australia, whose high commissioner to the UK promised a new trade deal would be reached quickly.

  • Published on 16 Dec 2016 Sections FactCheck, Politics, UK

    Another week, another warning that UK taxpayers could be left paying into the EU for years after Brexit.

  • Published on 24 Oct 2016 Sections

    Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon hold ‘feisty’ Brexit meeting

    At a ‘feisty’ Brexit meeting with leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Theresa May said there wasn’t a ‘binary’ choice between hard and soft Brexit. So what are the grey areas?