21 Jun 2019

Who is the real Boris Johnson? | Politics: Where Next? podcast

Political Editor

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In this week’s episode, we talk to two journalists who have studied Boris Johnson – his biographers, Andrew Gimson and Sonia Purnell.

Their biographies – both still available in good bookshops, new editions probably following soon and often – track Boris Johnson from his earliest years; through his early career in his own brand of journalism; into Parliament; to London Mayor…twice.

This week, his odyssey entwined again with our national story. He’s been Foreign Secretary, he’s now soaraway winner of the ballots amongst Tory MPs to be their next leader and our Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson now faces Jeremy Hunt in a series of hustings around the UK and a postal ballot of party members which he’s expected to win comfortably

What do Andrew Gimson and Sonia Purnell think his past life tells us we can expect next?

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