16 Jan 2011

Undercover policeman ‘scapegoat’ claims

Mark Kennedy, the policeman who infiltrated the green movement claims he was mishandled by senior officers and has been hung out to dry.

The undercover policeman who infiltrated a group of environmental activists says he has been made a scapegoat for the collapse of a trial against six campaigners accused of conspiring to shut down a power station.

Mark Kennedy had been accused of ‘going rogue’ and planning to testify for the defence, but today he told The Mail on Sunday that there had been ‘a lot of mistakes’ made in the case.

He did admit to having relationships with two female activists and said it was wrong.

I feel I’m being made a scapegoat for mistakes made by the police. – Mark Kennedy

Long haired and unshaven Mark Kennedy was undercover as climate activist Mark Stone for seven years, but the true face of the former metropolitan police officer was revealed today. Speaking publically for the first time today to the Mail on Sunday, he says, to clear his name.

“The allegations that are coming out about me, about being rogue, are untrue.

“I feel I’m being made a scapegoat for mistakes made by the police.”

Kennedy denied allegations that he used sex to gain trust and intelligence while undercover. But not that as Mark Stone he slept with those he was sent to spy on:

“I admit I had two relationships during my time as an undercover officer, I admit that that was a wrong thing to do.

“But the circumstances I was involved in led for that to happen, and I can assure you that I’m not the only person that has been involved in sexual relationships as an undercover officer with people within the activist community.”

Kennedy revealed that he did make recordings of activist meetings that it’s alleged led to the collapse of the trial of six climate activists last Monday. At first angry and betrayed protesters like these now see Kennedy’s exposure in a new light.

Dan Glass, climate activist said it was good that the system had been exposed and that we’re seeing the true nature of “what the government is using taxpayers’ money to do.”

“We also saw that he’s not the only one either. He said there’s up to 15 other people who were active during his seven years.”

Lawyers for the Ratcliffe protestors say the latest revelations could make charges and convictions in the case unsound. They also raise wider questions about police conduct.

Mike Schwarz, Solicitor for Bindmands said that the “real problem was that we don’t have the facts.” He claimed the police and the crown “shut up shop and told us nothing.”

Mark Kennedy says he never broke the law. Though it’s alleged he encouraged or at least helped activists in illegal activities. Sleeping with those he was spying on was certainly a serious breach of procedure.

The Association of Chief Police Officers, who ran Kennedy’s unit said in a statement today all police officers are subject to the law and any breaches will be investigated.

The IPCC are now looking into the case. But according to Kennedy, his handlers knew what he was up to, at all times.

Everything that I did had to be authorised at the highest level – Mark Kennedy

“My phone was tracked, they knew where I was all the time,” said Kennedy. “These allegations that I was roaming abroad without any authority is ridiculous.

“Everything that I did had to be authorised at the highest level. Everybody knew exactly where I was and what I was doing.”

Activists and their lawyers now want an independent, judge led inquiry into the use of undercover officers in protest groups.

So far it’s not clear whether the multi-million pound operation, of which Kennedy was just a part of, prevented any violent disorder or led to any successful convictions.