Tom Clarke

Science Editor

Science Editor Tom Clarke's beat varies from the pharmaceutical industry to climate change.

Since joining Channel 4 News in 2003, he has covered energy and the environment in from the Arctic Circle, seen some of the world's most endangered whales in Russia's far East, and followed the growing pains of the UK's landmark Climate Change Bill.

Tom started out as a scientist studying insects in the America’s deep south. After leaving the lab, Tom trained in journalism in New York. He worked as a science producer for American National Public Radio before returning to the UK to work for the science magazine Nature.

  • Published on 26 Feb 2017 Sections , ,

    The new head of America’s environmental protection agency has told conservative activists he won’t go through with earlier threats to scrap the EPA altogether. But Scott Prewitt said the task of rolling back key climate and clean water regulations could start as soon as next week. And he’s not the only climate change sceptic with…

  • Published on 25 Feb 2017

    For pupils at more then 800 schools there’s no such thing as a breath of fresh air. That’s because a new study says schools across London are exposed to illegal levels of air pollution which could permanently damage their health. The city’s mayor Sadiq Khan has planned a range of measures including a “toxicity tax”…

  • Published on 21 Feb 2017

    Brexit is a once in a generation opportunity to transform British farming. That’s how Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom described it to farmers today.

  • Published on 31 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    It’s the most commonly-used drug to treat malaria victims in Britain. But, for the first time, the combination drug known as AL has failed to be effective in its treatment of four patients, who’d all recently returned from Africa.

  • Published on 30 Jan 2017 Sections

    President Trump has alarmed environmentalists by appointing climate change deniers to key positions within his administration. Now Myron Ebell, the man who was appointed by Trump to lead the transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency, is in London to meet like- minded climate change sceptics.

  • Published on 25 Jan 2017 Sections

    American President in Twitter war with National Parks after public spat over size of inauguration crowd. It sounds like a headline from Private Eye or the National Enquirer. But like so much else in the World according to President Trump, it’s true. Or fact. Not alternative fact.

  • Published on 23 Jan 2017

    So as MPs protest they’re being left in the dark about Trident,  how much can we glean about what went wrong last summer? And can we still rely on our nuclear deterrent?

  • Published on 18 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    2016 has just been officially declared the warmest year on record and environmentalists around the world are in collective dismay about Donald Trump and the return of climate denial to American politics.

  • Published on 12 Jan 2017 Sections , ,

    Now back to the man dominating tonight’s news Donald Trump. A man who’s certainly made no secret about his attitude towards global warming.

  • Published on 6 Jan 2017 Sections

    A huge ice shelf attached to Antarctica, known as Larsen C, may be about to break away.

  • Published on 5 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    Donald Trump hasn’t just dismissed the evidence about Russian hacking he’s also famously sceptical about climate change. There’s been more worrying research today showing there has been no slowdown in the rate of global warming over the last 15 years.

  • Published on 23 Dec 2016

    By the time it was over, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa had killed more than 11,000 people, many of them children and pregnant women. But results published today from a clinical trial in Guinea show a vaccine against Ebola was 100 per cent effective at preventing the virus from spreading from person to person.

  • Published on 20 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    Fracking for shale gas can now go ahead in North Yorkshire, after environmental campaigners lost a legal challenge, arguing that the council had failed to take the impact of climate change into account.

  • Published on 10 Dec 2016 Sections , ,

    We’re all familar with film classics like Peter Pan and the Lion King, but Owen Suskind from Massachusetts took devotion to a whole new level.

  • Published on 8 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    From clean air to the use of pesticides – much of the country’s environmental protection rules are bound up with our membership of the EU. But what happens next? Today leading environmental campaign groups came together in a new coalition Greener UK – declaring Brexit could provide an opportunity to make Britain a world leader on green…