27 Feb 2015

Ukip’s Mr Lambert: ‘When are you going to resign?’

Watch the hunter become the hunted. Paul Lambert, the former BBC producer, now Ukip’s head of communications, finds himself in the firing line of Channel 4 News’s Michael Crick.

Formerly known as “Gobby” in Westminster for hurling questions at politicians during his time as a BBC producer, Paul Lambert became head of communications for Ukip in December.

The long-serving producer was often heard in the background to TV news packages. He once asked David Cameron and Nick Clegg: “Are you off to renew your vows?”

In one famous exchange in 2005, he asked Cherie Blair when her husband planned to resign, sparking the response: “Darling, that’s a long way in the future.”

In 2011 Gobby broke Westminster rules by filming the arrest of a protester who had attacked Rupert Murdoch with a foam pie.

Last December he shouted at George Osborne: “Have you fixed the deficit yet, Chancellor?”

Mr Farage said at the time of his hiring: “He will fit Ukip like a glove. Drive, passion, hard work, honesty and immense good humour are the hallmarks of Paul. It’ll be fun working with him”.