• Published on 19 Aug 2017 Sections UK

    The world famous scientist Stephen Hawking says he fears the NHS is being turned into a “US style insurance system”. He accuses the Health Secretary of “cherry picking evidence” to advance his agenda. But Jeremy Hunt says Professor Hawking is wrong.

  • Published on 16 Jul 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Two of the people involved in the protests over hospital workers pay in London, cleaner Malgorzata Sacewicz and porter Len Hockey, explain why they were taking strike action.

  • Published on 4 Jun 2017 Sections UK

    Theresa May has made a private visit to some of the attack victims and hospital  staff who’ve been treating them. NHS England say that 21 people remain in a critical condition. Of the seven people who died, it’s now known that one was Canadian.  Hospital and ambulance workers rushed to the scene within minutes, volunteering…

  • Published on 31 May 2017 Sections Health

    The healthcare costs for retired British pensioners who return to the UK after Brexit could double to £1bn if the reciprocal EU scheme ends.

  • Published on 26 May 2017 Sections Business, UK

    The think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, has said both the Conservatives and the Labour Party aren’t being honest about the economic consequences of their manifesto proposals. It didn’t look at the manifestos of the Lib Dems, Ukip and other parties. The IFS warned that the Tories’ pledges to boost NHS spending may well be…

  • Published on 25 May 2017 Sections UK

    Of the 116 people hospitalised after the Manchester attack, 75 are being treated in hospitals around Greater Manchester. Twenty-three of those are in critical care, including five children. A large proportion are being treated at the Royal Manchester Infirmary. I went along to join staff as they observed this morning’s silence and to speak with…

  • Published on 15 May 2017 Sections UK

    The NHS is slowly getting back to normal after last week’s global cyber hack, as ministers said there had been no second wave of attacks when people got back to work this morning.

  • Published on 12 May 2017 Sections UK

    Chris Hopson, the CEO of NHS Providers, the association of NHS foundation trusts.

  • Published on 12 May 2017 Sections Technology, UK

    From Dumfries and Galloway to Colchester in Essex, hospitals and NHS trusts across the country have been thrown into chaos by a massive cyber hack.

  • Published on 12 May 2017 Sections UK

    It seems the malware the hackers used was a sophisticated virus called Wanna Decryptor. It shuts down files on a victim’s computer then tries to blackmail them in exchange for restoring access to their files.

  • Published on 7 May 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    The Conservatives today pledged to improve NHS mental health treatment with ten thousand new staff by 2020. And Labour promised not to raise taxes for those earning under £80,000.

  • Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Joining us: Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth and the Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman, Norman Lamb. We did ask to speak to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt or any his junior ministers, no-one was available. However, I am joined by Chris Philp, the Conservative MP for South Croydon, who has constituents who access the threatened…

  • Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    The election follows one of the toughest winters ever experienced by the NHS – with the funding shortfall and  concerns over staff shortages and social care all playing a part. And then there are the local campaigns to keep neighbourhood health services open.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections Health

    Demand for hospital beds are at an all-time high – the same goes for waits in A&E. Depressing figures, after a tough winter: waiting times over the target the highest since records began, a record rise in days lost because patients can’t be discharged.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Business, Science, Technology, UK

    Artificial Intelligence – once the stuff of science fiction, it’s now becoming a reality across our society. Healthcare is one area where doctors believe AI could transform the way patients are treated – so could it be a saviour for the cash strapped NHS?