• 14 Nov 2019

    The NHS was already high up the list of election issues – but the data released today has shown just how big a point of contention this will be as the election campaign runs on.

  • 12 Jul 2018

    A radical new treatment for a rare type of childhood cancer will now be made available on the NHS. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has recommended the drug – after evidence it could increase survival chances for patients with high-risk neuroblastoma. A course of treatment can cost around £150,000 – but a deal with…

  • 6 Jul 2018

    A baby born today will experience a National Health Service beyond the imagination of those who set it up. So what does the future hold for this national institution? Our Health and Social Care correspondent, Victoria MacDonald, reports.

  • 30 Jun 2018

    NHS England says a hundred thousand “unneccessary procedures” a year could be cut back – to save money and minimise patient risk. Operations like breast reductions, tonsil removal and varicose vein treatment will only take place where there is good reason, as health chiefs said in most cases – alternative options work just as well.…

  • 30 Jun 2018

    Why the hospital doctor makes films about working in A&E

    There is nothing more focusing of the mind than caring for a sick patient who arrives in your A&E. For those first few moments, standing by the bedside, you enter the patient zone, where everything outside it becomes a blur, writes Saleyha Ahsan.

  • 20 Jun 2018

    Even with the extra cash, the health budget is growing much slower than it did under the last Labour government.

  • 18 Jun 2018

    Theresa May says the extra cash she’s promised for the NHS comes from a Brexit dividend. FactCheck investigates.

  • 17 Jun 2018

    NHS England will get a boost of more than 20 billion pounds a year after Brexit, Theresa May has announced – hinting that taxes and borrowing could rise to help pay for it, as well as that so called Brexit ‘windfall’. But it’s already caused huge ructions inside the Cabinet. Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social…

  • 17 Jun 2018

    Interview with Chief Executive of The Health Foundation, Dr Jennifer Dixon.

  • 14 Jun 2018

    The Home Office has announced that it is going to relax its own rules and allow more skilled workers from outside the European Union into the UK following complaints from bosses within the National Health Services about a recruitment crisis. At the moment, just over twenty thousand non-EU skilled workers are allowed in each year and…

  • 1 Jun 2018

    It’s notorious as being one of the most difficult diseases to detect in its crucial early stages, and survival rates here are poorer than in the rest of Europe. Most types of ovarian cancer, once diagnosed, are treated with chemotherapy. But a new breakthrough drug, called niraparib, is being made available on the NHS. It…

  • 31 May 2018

    On the back of the worst winter in a decade, NHS trusts in England have reported financial deficits twice as bad as anticipated.The number of GPs planning to leave the profession has risen to two in five. And senior doctors have today warned the government that the NHS needs an extra seven billion pounds a…

  • 30 Apr 2018

    Too many patients end their days in hospital, when they would far rather be at home with loved ones. Now, for the first time, a secure on-line system links patients with GPs, hospitals and even paramedics, so that everyone can instantly see where patients want to go – and whether they want to be resuscitated. The…

  • 25 Apr 2018

    Parents of children with a rare form of cancer were told their treatment could be stopped mid-course, because the highly expensive drug might no longer be available for free. Doctors feared that the company which provides the Neuroblastoma drug, and has already spent £6 million on, might have to start charging. They’ve now agreed to…

  • 8 Mar 2018

    Today’s NHS England winter figures show the proportion of people waiting more than four hours in major accident and emergency units were the highest in the 70-year history of the health service. And that was just one set of figures out today that revealed the intensity of the pressure the NHS is under. There were…