• 18 Jan 2018

    Brexit talks: May and Macron do lunch

    The skies opened and thunder could be heard as Mrs May and President Macron went into Sandhurst to begin their talks and a rainbow was visible in the sky.

  • 9 Dec 2017

    Paris came to halt today as hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of the French capital for the funeral of rock star Jonny Hallyday. President Emmanuel Macron led tributes to the singer at a special service in the city’s Madeleine church. Ed Howker reports.

  • 27 Jul 2017

    Europe’s problem – seeking Europe’s solution. As thousands more migrants and asylum seekers attempt the dangerous journey by the day, France now says it plans to set up screening centres inside Libya – President Macron says he hopes it will stop people taking “crazy risks”. Up to a million people are inside Libyan camps trying…

  • 22 Jun 2017

    Brussels talks: Theresa May speaks, but Emmanuel Macron stars

    Seeing the leaders arrive here at the European Council you’re struck by the buoyant mood.

  • 29 May 2017

    President Macron may be fresh to the job but he has wasted no time in availing himself of all the grand stage craft of the French Presidency to impress his guests. Today he hosted Vladimir Putin in Versaille. With deep disagreements over the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine – as well as allegations of Russian…

  • 15 May 2017

    Promising more pragmatism in their relationship, and a roadmap to reform the EU, the new French President Emmanuel Macron has been holding talks with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, just a day after he was sworn into office.

  • 7 May 2017

    The two candidates – Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron offer a vision for France and for Europe that could not be more different: to put it bluntly, the run off in France mirrors the political battle of our age between globalisation and nationalism.

  • 7 May 2017

    In France the final round of the Presidential election is underway, but will the country choose the youthful centrist Emmanuel Macron or the far-right Marine Le Pen?

  • 6 May 2017

    Election regulators in France are investigating claims of a “massive and co-ordinated” hack targeting frontrunner Emmanuel Macron.

  • 24 Apr 2017

    Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen say the elections are about the future of France and both candidates look to young people to change French politics.

  • 24 Apr 2017

    Good evening from Paris, from another election which tore up all the establishment rules,trouncing the mainstream parties which have run France for more than 50 years. In a tight contest, two candidates won through to the second round, centrist Emmanuel Macron, with 24.0 percent, and the far-right’s Marine Le Pen, who took 21.3 percent.

  • 23 Apr 2017

    Two candidates want France to exit the Euro – if not the whole EU. Given what’s at stake, turnout is expected to be around 80 per cent – slightly higher than last time. Because of the state of emergency and the terror alert, tens of thousands of troops have been deployed all over the country.