• 8 Dec 2015

    Donald Trump may be the most FactChecked presidential candidate in US history. These are his five biggest howlers.

  • 7 Jul 2015

    How many times have the authorities foiled terror plots since the events of July 7 2005?

  • 3 Jun 2013

    What turns young men to terrorism?

    After two fatal terrorist attacks in the space of two months, it is time to ask how we can stop thousands of potentially angry young men from being turned to terrorism.

  • 3 May 2012

    The publication online of documents seized at Osama bin Laden’s house underlines the gulf between western and jihadi thinking.

  • 2 May 2012

    The question now is will al-Qaeda, with its new North African leadership, be able to capitalise on the politcal instability which follows revolution?

  • 14 Oct 2011

    The most senior British diplomat working on Afghanistan has given the most damning assessment of the UK’s record in the country that I have heard from a serving official. Jonathan Rugman reports.

  • 13 Sep 2011

    It has become quite fashionable to say 911 didn’t really change the world. A rash of commentary has recently argued that the decade of Al Qaeda while bloody and terrible will not have the future consequences we may once have feared. The argument runs : the world changed, the centre of economic gravity changed, the role and power of America in the world changed but much of it happened regardless of the “war on terror” and the clash of civilisations will never quite happen – especially now Bin Laden is dead. This makes for clever columns but seems ultimately rather unhelpful. The need to understand what has changed seems greater than ever before anyone claims victory and moves on, just because the troops are coming home from Afghanistan.

  • 10 Sep 2011

    New Yorkers aren’t fazed by the terror scare. But they do hate the extra traffic…

    “Even if they are a little queasy, no self-respecting New Yorker would ever admit as much to an alien reporter. But they do hate the gridlock created by the alerts. ”

  • 7 Sep 2011

    My 9/11

    The searing memory of 9/11 itself for me is enshrined in a rare visit right into the very heart of Ground Zero a few weeks after the attack, writes Jon Snow.

  • 30 Aug 2011

    The blow-back of war

    Perhaps the most fitting memorial to 9/11 might prove to be a thorough analysis of how and why this devastating mechanism of war is taking root with such speed.

  • 10 Sep 2010

    Sarah Smith blogs from New York on reaction to threats by Florida Pastor Terry Jones to burn copies of the Koran – with one Muslim describing how members of his faith are “the new communists”.

  • 23 Aug 2010

    A view from the beach

    The gaping sore that is 9/11 in the American psyche remains unhealed. We who covered the co-ordinated attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington underestimated how deep, how searing, and how long lasting this event would prove to be. Today this secular nation, whose refusal to either favour or…