18 Sep 2022

The Elizabeth line: the queue for the Queen

What it’s like to brave arguably the longest queue in the world.

For the past few days, young and old, Britons and beyond, David Beckham too, have descended on London to join what must be the world’s longest queue.The line to file past Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second’s body as she lies in state at Westminster Hall.

At one point, the queue reached capacity, it was five miles long and the wait was 14 hours and so for several hours no one could join the queue. So they formed a queue for the queue. When queuing resumed, the wait was even longer, 24 hours.

This feels novel and baffling, but it is incredibly British.

In today’s episode, Kiran braves the long queue himself and tells us what it’s like to stand in the longest queue in the world.

Producer: Freya Pickford


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