3 Feb 2013

Senior Barclays figures to retire

Barclays says finance director Chris Lucas, the only remaining top ranking executive at the bank following the Libor scandal, is to retire, along with group general counsel Mark Harding.

Senior Barclays figures to retire

Mr Lucas was the only one of the bank’s top ranking executives to remain at the company since last year’s Libor rate-fixing scandal.

They will remain in their roles until their successors have been appointed and an appropriate handover completed. The search for replacements is underway, but the process will take “a considerable time to complete,” Barclays said in a statement. Their decisions to retire was theirs alone, the bank said.

Tough six years

Lucas has been finance director for a tough six years that spanned the global financial crisis. He is one of four people being investigated by UK authorities regarding a capital injection by Qatar in 2008.

Qatar Holding invested £5.3bn in Barclays in June and October 2008.


Chief executive Bob Diamond, chairman Marcus Agius and chief operating officer Jerry del Missier have all left the bank since the scandal.

Barclays has said it is confident that it disclosed everything it had to at the time. Mr Lucas has been on the board of Barclays since April 2007.