13 Sep 2014

Rupert Murdoch tight-lipped over Yes support rumours

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is in Scotland as rumours swirl that his Scottish Sun newspaper is set to come out in favour of independence.

Mr Murdoch remained non-committal on the prospect of the tabloid backing Yes Scotland, despite sending a string of Tweets that appeared to suggest he is personally behind the campaign for an independent Scotland.

Asked whether this Sunday’s edition of the Scottish Sun would support the nationalists, he said: “We don’t know yet. You’ll have to buy it and see. We’re giving everything careful consideration.

He said his editorial staff were “on all sides” in the independence debate and played down apparently pro-nationalist statements he has been making on Twitter, saying: “It just depends how you read them. I thought they were pretty neutral.”

He added: “We are considering everything. I’m not going to give you any clues yet. We’re just thinking very hard about it.”

The Scottish Sun switched its support from Labour to the SNP before the Holyrood elections in SNP, and there have been widespread rumours that the paper would back the nationalist campaign ahead of the referendum next Thursday.

Mr Murdoch spent today touring Scotland including Glasgow, Fife and Aberdeen, and told reporters he had been tracing his Scottish ancestry, including a grandfather and great grandfather who was a church minister.

He had lunch in the Prince of Wales pub in Aberdeen, where he met both Yes and No campaigners.