8 Nov 2012

Schofield ambushes Cameron with ‘paedophile list’

Prime Minister David Cameron is ambushed on daytime TV when This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield presents him with a list of suspected paedophiles.

Mr Cameron responded by saying that speculation about the identity of a former senior member of the Conservative party accused of sexually abusing children could turn into a witch hunt against gay men.

“I am worried about the sort of thing you are doing right now,” he said, “giving me a list of names you have taken off the internet.”

Phillip Schofield later expressed regret at the stunt via Twitter, but blamed a “misjudged camera angle”.

Mr Cameron ordered an investigation this week after a victim of child sexual abuse in north Wales said a prominent political figure had abused him during the 1970s.

The claims follow revelations about the late Jimmy Savile, who is accused of sex offences, spanning six decades, involving underage girls.