Jimmy Savile


article 26 February 2014 UK
by Why the 1970s were better than you think

The 1970s get a bad press. Economic ruin, union strife, racism, Jimmy Savile, embarrassing music - the list is endless. But was this decade really as bad as it's portrayed?

article 29 November 2013 UK
Savile investigation: more hospitals to be investigated

A further 19 hospitals will be investigated for having links with disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile.

article 16 October 2013 UK
Ex-policeman investigated over Savile

An ex-West Yorkshire police officer is being investigated by the IPCC over allegations he intervened in a 2009 Surrey police probe into alleged sex abuse by Jimmy Savile.

article 15 October 2013 UK
Savile police transcript: 'I've got a clear conscience'

A transcript of the last police interview with Jimmy Savile, from 2009, is published for the first time, revealing his repeated denials when confronted with allegations of abuse.

article 14 October 2013 UK
Scope of Savile NHS patients abuse probe widened

A number of hospitals may be investigated as part of inquiries into sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS premises, the health secretary has confirmed.

video 08 October 2013 UK

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BBC's Hall: we need to own up to mistakes 'quickly' - video

The BBC has to "own up to mistakes quickly", following scandals over Jimmy Savile and pay-offs, Director-General Tony Hall says - but adds he does not want staff "looking over their shoulders."

article 23 September 2013 UK
by Operation Yewtree: the arrests and charges so far

Information provided by Operation Yewtree, which was triggered by revelations of sexual abuse carried out by the late radio DJ Jimmy Savile, has led to a number of high profile arrests.

video 06 September 2013 UK

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Mark Thompson challenged over Jimmy Savile - video

Former BBC director general Mark Thompson is asked what he knew about an aborted Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile.

article 06 September 2013 UK
In his first television interview about the Jimmy Savile affair. former BBC director general Mark Thompson tells Channel 4 News he has
Thompson on Savile: 'I've nothing to hide' - video

He was head of the BBC when Newsnight spiked its Savile investigation. Now Mark Thompson speaks exclusively to Channel 4 News about what he knew - and insists he has nothing to hide.