8 Feb 2024

Labour U-turn: Keir Starmer ditches £28 billion green policy

Political Editor

This week Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denied he was scaling back the £28bn a year pledge he said was desperately needed, not least to get the economy growing again.

Rachel Reeves vowed to be Britain’s first green chancellor, with an investment plan to tackle the climate crisis without dither or delay.

But today – on the very day it emerged that the world warmed beyond 1.5 degrees celsius over an entire year for the first time – Labour completed a spectacular U-turn.

Starmer has put an end to weeks of confusion over Labour’s green spending pledge by announcing he has scrapped it. He said he was “standing down” the commitment because of the “terrible damage” the Tories had done to the economy.

They say they are sticking with the promise to decarbonise all of Britain’s energy generation by 2030.