3 Jul 2015

Hague police mass arrests in youth unrest

Police in The Hague detain more than 200 people overnight for violating a curfew, as unrest in the city continues for a fourth night.

Protests began on Monday night in the mostly immigrant Schilderswijk neighbourhood of the city – sparked by the death of a Caribbean man in police custody.

It has been claimed that the disturbances have become devoid of a protest message, and some residents have asked the police to restore order.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte described the lighting of fireworks and throwing of debris in the mostly-youth protest as “retarded”.

61 people had been arrested through until Thursday – with police saying they were mostly teenagers suspected of vandalism.

Most of the 200 detained on Thursday night were taken by bus to police stations, fined, and then released to their parents.

In a statement on Friday, police chief Paul van Musscher thanked residents who helped by approaching youth and telling them to go home.